Grade: 6                                                                                     Pay Rate: $14.97 to 17.99 per hour

Hours Per Week: 40                                                                FLSA Status: Non-exempt

Job #: 012-18

Job Summary:

Contribute to the Natural Resources Division’s responsibility to provide wildland fire protection on Tribal and non-Tribal forest lands and to provide sustainable timber revenue which will enable tribal government to respond to the economic, social, health and educational needs of tribal members. The purpose of the position is wildland fire suppression/management/control, as a firefighter on an engine, or hand crew. Other wildland fire related duties might involve fire prevention, patrol, detection, or prescribe fire.

Essential Functions:

  • Serves as a crewmember on an engine, or hand crew assigned to suppress a full range of wildland fires, including protecting reservation, state, public and private lands.

  • Performs assignments as a wildland firefighter in developing a working knowledge of fire suppression and fuels management techniques, practices and terminology. This consists of fire line construction, use of pumps and engines, hose lays using appropriate nozzles and nozzle adjustments in the effective use of water and additives, working in and around aircraft such as helicopters, safety rules, and basic fire behavior.

  • Performs prescribed burning crew duties in order to reduce fuel hazards and disease.

  • Performs a variety of technical and skilled tasks under a forest management plan.

  • Applies herbicides using backpack sprayer.

  • Participates in fire and safety training in the techniques, practices and methods of fire suppression and in the safe, efficient operation and use of tools, equipment and vehicles used in fire line activities, with emphasis on those used in the particular function to which assigned. Participates in crew proficiency checks and drills. Participates in safety sessions and critiques.

  • Ensures own and others’ welfare and safety in all aspects of the assignments.

  • Moves dirt, chops brush, and fells small trees to build fire-line using various hand tools to control spreading of fire and/or to prepare lines prior to controlled burning.

  • Chops, carries, and piles logging slash.

  • Searches out and extinguishes burning materials by moving dirt, applying water by hose   or backpack pump.

  • Patrols fire-line to locate and extinguish embers, flare-ups, and hot spots that may threaten developed fire lines.

  • Strictly adheres to safety practices to include OSHA regulations and compliance with   Interagency Incident Business Management Handbook, FY BIA Wildland Fire and Aviation Program Management and Operations Guide, Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Employee Handbook and Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Natural Resources Division Mobilization Plan.

  • Performs maintenance on chain saws and other necessary firefighting tools to assure proper working condition.

  • Operates a variety of power equipment, vehicles and hand tools associated with fire suppression activities.

  • May serve as a chainsaw operator, if qualified.

  •  Cleans, maintains, reconditions, and stores firefighting tools and equipment.
  • Performs a variety of other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Education, Experience, and Licenses:

  • Requires a High School diploma or GED.

  • Must maintain a valid Oregon driver’s license or obtain one upon hire, qualify for the Tribe’s vehicle insurance, and provide proof of personal vehicle insurance.

Qualifications, Registrations, and Certifications:

  • Must be at least 18 years old

  • Must be CPR/First Aid certified or ability to obtain upon hire

  • Will be required to attend and pass Basic Fire School for firefighter training. This will prepare incumbent to prepare for Fire Fighter Type 2 (FFT2) certification.

  • Must pass the National Wildfire Coordinating Group national fitness test and may be subject to medical screening.

  • Ability to be trained and certified as a Class “3”, “2” or “1” cutter.

  • Requires excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Must have the ability to work at times with minimal supervision

  • Knowledge of and sensitivity to Native American culture required.

 Environmental Factors and Conditions/Physical Requirements:

  • Continually requires the ability to work under strenuous or adverse conditions for extended periods, while maintaining mental alertness and concentration to maintain work rate, quality, and safety.

  • Continually requires the ability to express or receive detailed information or important instructions through oral communication accurately, loudly or quickly.

  • Continually requires moving about on foot to accomplish tasks.

  • Frequently requires raising objects from a lower to a higher position or moving objects horizontally from position to position.

  • Frequently requires stooping which entail the use of the lower extremities and back muscles.

  • Frequently requires bending legs at knee to come to a rest on knee or knees.

  • Continually requires working with fingers rather than the whole hand or arm. Requires repetitive movement of wrists, hands and/or fingers. Often requires walking or moving about to accomplish tasks.

  • Requires standing and/or sitting for sustained periods of time, raising objects from a lower to a higher position and/or moving objects horizontally.

  • Occasionally requires lifting of up to 100 pounds.

  • This position is frequently subject to inside environmental conditions which provide protection from weather conditions, but not necessarily from temperature changes, and is occasionally subject to outside environmental conditions.

  • May be called upon to serve as a Disaster Reservist during Emergencies, or when the Tribal Emergency Operations Center is opened.

  • Local travel is occasionally required. Travel outside of the state is infrequently required.

Background Check:

Candidates for this position will be subject to criminal and character background checks and may be subject to fingerprinting.