Rise of the Collectors is a story of resilience, relationship to place, and perseverance of culture developed by the Grand Ronde Tribe with items from the British Museum and Oregon Historical Society. It is a tribal examination of personal belongings collected by Rev. Robert Summers and Dr. Andrew Kershaw between 1870 and 1910 on the Grand Ronde Indian Reservation.

For nearly 30 years, the Tribe has engaged with and sought greater interaction with our ancestor’s belongings near and far. The British Museum and other institutions have become locations of cultural pilgrimage for the people of Grand Ronde. Now the Tribe has opened its own museum and brought items from these collections to Grand Ronde, on loan, for sharing with our people and the public. The belongings featured in Rise of the Collectors have spent much of the past century stored out of the public eye. This exhibit will shed light on these important pieces and offer a deeper understanding of our people who created them at a critical point in history.

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The Chachalu Story

Chachalu tells the story of the Tribes and Bands of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon and honor our Elders who kept Tribal traditions and dreams alive during the years of Termination. It is a center where the Tribe’s Restoration is celebrated and our culture is being revitalized.

The Yamhill Kalapuya people called this place Chachalu, which translates to "place of the burnt timbers"; a massive forest fire burned through the Grand Ronde Valley shortly before the time of Relocation in 1856.

This vision of the Museum is to tell the story of the resiliency of the land and of the people who have lived here since time immemorial. The land, once devastated by fire, is now revitalized with healthy forests and abundant wildlife. Our salmon have once again returned to our streams; the Grand Ronde people, once uprooted from their various homelands and then Terminated by the federal government, are renewed through Restoration. This is a center for cultural activity where the Tribe’s stories, history, and culture continue to be practiced and shared.


Ntsayka Ikanum: A Virtual Experience

Trace the journey of our people by visiting Our Story: A Virtual Experience, a distillation of the eras and facets of Grand Ronde history and culture for the edification of Tribal members and the general public.

Cultural Interpretation

The Interpretation Program coordinates the tribe’s mission of perpetuating and preserving the cultural heritage of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde through creation and review of interpretive materials for the purpose of ensuring accuracy of tribally and externally created exhibits, displays, print and other media.

Cultural Collections

The Cultural Collections Program provides essential services to the Tribe including management and preservation of cultural materials, providing access to archival materials and artifact collections and the gathering of the Tribe’s cultural materials and collections (documents, photos, objects, digital media and artifacts). This program provides the process for donations and acquisitions of historic and contemporary materials relating to CTGR and community. In addition, this program helps to educate the community about the Grand Ronde people.