Notice of Chachalu Closure

Phase II construction for Chachalu Museum and Culture Center will be beginning shortly. In preparation for and during construction, Chachalu will be closed to visitors and not available for tours. The last day the current exhibit hall will be open is Wednesday February 8th. Chachalu will remain closed until further notice.

Cultural Resources Department staff will continue to be based out of areas within Chachalu during construction. Staff will be moving into temporary office spaces and will be retaining their phone extensions. During construction it will not be possible to stop by our offices for services or to interact with staff without making prior arrangements by phone. A notice regarding this will be posted on the front door. Cultural classes will continue to be held at the same location, at the front of the building, through construction. Please inquire or direct inquires to the extension of appropriate staff or the main line for the Cultural Resources Department- ext. 2226 We are excited about this buildout and look forward to welcoming the community into newly renovated space within the year.

-Cultural Resources Department

The Chachalu Story

Chachalu tells the story of the Tribes and Bands of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon and honor our Elders who kept Tribal traditions and dreams alive during the years of Termination. It is a center where the Tribe’s Restoration is celebrated and our culture is being revitalized.

The Yamhill Kalapuya people called this place Chachalu, which translates to "place of the burnt timbers"; a massive forest fire burned through the Grand Ronde Valley shortly before the time of Relocation in 1856.

This vision of the Museum is to tell the story of the resiliency of the land and of the people who have lived here since time immemorial. The land, once devastated by fire, is now revitalized with healthy forests and abundant wildlife. Our salmon have once again returned to our streams; the Grand Ronde people, once uprooted from their various homelands and then Terminated by the federal government, are renewed through Restoration. This is a center for cultural activity where the Tribe’s stories, history, and culture continue to be practiced and shared.


Ntsayka Ikanum: A Virtual Experience

Trace the journey of our people by visiting Our Story: A Virtual Experience, a distillation of the eras and facets of Grand Ronde history and culture for the edification of Tribal members and the general public.