The Cultural Resources Department presents the first three in a series of Culture Class Videos.  We welcome feedback and ideas regarding this series of instructional videos.

Basket Making with Connie Graves

Learn the techniques to make a basic basket using Juncus.  Discussions on material gathering and preparation are included.  An interview with the instructor follows the instructional portion.

Drum Making with Bobby Mercier

Learn how to make a 14-inch round drum.  Included are a blessing song and an interview with the instructor.

Beading with Carol Haskins

Learn the basic techniques to bead an applique piece.  Included are discussions on materials and finishing options, as well as an interview with the instructor.

Clap Stick Making with Bobby Mercier

Clap Sticks are one of our original percussion instruments and are made from the Elderberry tree.  This video class takes you through the entire process: from identifying and selecting a good branch, to singing with the final product.  Bobby Mercier explains and demonstrates the process.  Bobby aslo includes historical processes and uses as well as “work smarter, not harder” steps using modern tools; allowing you to determine the best method for creating your clap stick.


A short documentary about the past and present culture of the Grand Ronde people.

nsayka miLayt kakwa

A short documentary spoken in chinuk wawa (Grand Ronde language) that covers aspects of the past and present cultures of the Grand Ronde people.