When we gather in 2033 for Grand Ronde’s 50th Restoration Celebration, what will our community look like? This is a question that we want to explore with all of our tribal members. So, we’re embarking on a 16-month community development planning process to help guide the decision-making and priority-setting for our Tribe. We want to build on the progress we have made since our Restoration but we need your help. We need your active participation so we can listen to your voices, understand your needs, and work towards a vision that reflects your values.

Shawash-iliʔi 2033- nsayka kʰapa aɫqi - (Grand Ronde 2033 – Our Future)
is the name we’ve chosen to represent this new community development plan.  Shawash-iliʔi 2033- nsayka kʰapa aɫqi - (Grand Ronde 2033 – Our Future)is about where you, as Tribal members, want to see us go as a Tribe.


Please complete this Grand Ronde Community housing needs survey if you are a Grand Ronde Tribal Member and/or an employee of Spirit Mountain Casino, the Grand Ronde Tribal Government Administration or another Grand Ronde Tribe business entity.


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