Tribe starts LISTSERV service

In an effort to continue improving communication with Tribal members, the Tribe is starting a LISTSERV service that will allow for multiple e-mail distribution groups to be established for different types of information.

The first distribution group will be for Tribal Council News, which will include agendas for meetings as well as other general Tribal news.

Tribal Council Chief of Staff Stacia Hernandez said if interest in the service is great enough, more lists will be added for different areas of Tribal business.

LISTSERV is an industry standard e-mail list management software that manages opt-in e-mail lists, including e-mail newsletters, announcements, discussion groups and e-mail communities.

The Tribe’s Information Systems Department has installed a trial copy of the software, which will be used until the end of the year. If the Tribe decides to purchase a middle-range software package that would handle 20 separate lists, it would cost $5,000 initially with a $1,000 annual renewal fee.

“Everything is self-serve, meaning you can sign up and maintain your subscriptions without having to call anyone,” Hernandez said.

Tribal members can visit the website to sign up.

Tribal Council unanimously approved Finance Officer Chris Leno and General Manager David Fullerton researching the establishment of a Tribal member listserv in an authorization to proceed dated March 23.