Video, livestreaming down on Tribal website

By Danielle Frost

Tribal members trying to watch the Wednesday, Dec. 27, Tribal Council meeting remotely via livestreaming were met with no connection.

Likewise, Tribal members trying to watch videos of previous Tribal Council meetings also are probably feeling frustration.

The problem? Most of the Tribe’s video services are down and there is not yet an estimate of when they will be up and running again.

Tribal video streaming services are provided by Influxis, based in Southern California. Audio/Video Technician Wendell Olson said services are hosted from the area near the Thomas Fire, which has raged since Dec. 4.

“I had assumed the fire was the problem since the video services are hosted from the area near the fire,” Olson said. “However, I have not verified that with them and they have not disclosed the actual problem other than mentioning that their drives are damaged and they are working to repair the data center.”

The livestream and recorded videos from the past year are affected by the outage. Olson also sent out an e-mail to all Tribal employees letting them know about the issue on Thursday, Dec. 28.

Influxis issued the following statement.

“We do not yet have an ETA. We are working to restore the data and repair the drives at the moment and it does look like we might be able to recover the data.”