Transcript - Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

Speakers Tribal Council Meeting

Governance Center

March 2, 2011



Tribal Council:

Present:              Tribal Council Member (TCM): Reynold L. Leno (RL); Toby McClary (TM); Valorie Sheker (VS)

By Phone:          Cheryle A. Kennedy (CK); Jack Giffen, Jr. (JG); Steven L. Bobb Jr. (SB)

Excused:            Kathleen Tom (medical leave), Chris Mercier (business leave),

Wink Soderberg (business leave)

Invocation:         Dakota Whitecloud, Tribal Elder

Unidentified Voice:    (UV)

Council Member(s):    (MEMB)

Announcements: (See Minutes)


   Events and Meetings

Other Business: (See Minutes also)

Transcript of Proceeding

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RL:                  Reynold L. Leno, Tribal Council Vice-Chairman.  Ready?  Ready, Val?

VS:                  I'm ready, sir.

RL:                  Okay.  We'll go ahead and call -- we'll -- well, I don't know how we're going to do this but -- actually we've got a couple councilman are going to call in for out -- to get our quorum but they've asked to call -- do the call after we do our invocation.  So, I've asked Dakota to do our invocation for tonight.  So -- 


RL:                  Okay.  If -- we'll have to go ahead, Lauri, and then we'll get those guys on the phone.  Toby, you might want to move over to that other chair so you can be right there by that mic so they'll be able to hear you because the first thing we'll have to do is appoint an acting secretary for tonight.  We'll -- we've got to have them on board. 


CK:                 Hello?

LS                   Yes.  Cheryle, this is Lauri.  I'm getting ready to add on two more callers after you.

CK:                 Okay.  Thank you, Lauri.

LS:                  You're welcome.



CK:                 Hello?

LS:                  Yes, Cheryle.  I disconnected you by an error.  I'm going to go ahead and try again to catch the other too.

CK:                 All right.  Thanks.


JG:                   Hello?

LS:                  Yes.  Jack, this is Lauri.  Jack?

JG:                   Yeah.

LS:                  Okay.  I need to add Steve on also.  If you can hold on for just a minute.

JG:                   Okay. 


SB:                  Hello?

LS:                  Yes.  Steve? 

SB:                  Yes?

LS:                  This is Lauri Smith.  I have yourself, Jack and Cheryle.  And just one moment.

SB:                  Okay. 


LS:                  Cheryle?  Oh.  Sorry.


SB:                  Hello?

LS:                  Yes.  Hi, Steve.  This is Lauri.  I'm trying again to try to connect the three of you.

SB:                  Okay.


RL:                  What's Jack's number?

LS:                  541-954 --

RL:                  What is it?  541 -- I'll try and get him on here.  Put him on speaker, so -- at least we can get the meeting called to order.  If you'd call Steve or Cheryle.

LS:                  Yes.  Do I have Steve still on the line?

SB:                  Yes, I am. 



RL:                  They're sitting on the phones waiting.  I can't get through to Jack.

LS:                  Yeah.  I can't get -- I can't get the --

RL:                  If I could I'd put him on speaker.  (Pause)  They're sitting on the phones waiting.  I can't get through to Jack.

LS:                  Yeah.  I can't get to -- I can't get to (unintelligible).

UV:                 Oh. 

RL:                  If I could I'd put him on speaker.

UV:                 Can you text him and see if he can (unintelligible)?

RL:                  I don't text.

UV:                 Well, I do.

RL:                  I don't email.

LS:                  I've got text.

UV:                 You have text?

LS:                  Yeah.  I've got text.

RL:                  Okay.  Tell him to hang up.


LS:                  And if Steve's near him, which he should be, tell him to hang up also.

RL:                  Yeah.  Lauri can't get you through so I'll put you on the speaker phone on my -- on my cell phone.  All right. 

LS:                  Yes.  Cheryle, this is Lauri. 

CK:                 Yeah.

LS:                  Hi. 

RL:                  I'm going to put you on speaker here.

LS:                  I'm trying to -- trying to get the other two on the line and we keep disconnecting.  So --

CK:                 Yeah.  I was -- I was just on there all this time with Jack.  We were visiting. 

RL:                  Can you hear me, Jack?

CK:                 We called the meeting to order but no one else was there.

LS:                  Yes.  We are working on trying to get Jack on the cell phone and then we're going to try and get Steve on his cell phone. 

CK:                 Okay.

LS:                  All right.  I'll try Steve.

VS:                  Can we get Steve on this phone? 

LS:                  If he's still on there?

UV:                 No problem.  I'll -- 503-883-1288. 


RL:                  Are you still there, Jack?

JG:                   Yeah. 

RL:                  Okay.  Hang on.

LS:                  Cheryle, do I still have you?

CK:                 Yes.

LS:                  Okay.  We're still trying to get Steve who is (unintelligible) available for us.

CK:                 Do we have a quorum? 

RL:                  Yeah.  We do.  So, let's move forward?  Okay.  We'll call the meeting to order.  You still there, Jack?

JG:                   Yep.

RL:                  Okay.  We've already done our invocation.  The first thing we do -- need to do by consensus is appoint an interim secretary for tonight's meeting.  Toby's volunteered for that.  So, by consensus if everybody's all right with Toby as secretary we'll go ahead with (unintelligible) --

CK:                 Agreed.

RL:                  -- as secretary.  All in favor say aye.

MEMB:           Aye.  (In Unison) 

RL:                  Cheryle?

JG:                   Did you get my aye?

RL:                  Yeah.  I got your aye, Jack.  You're coming through good.  Okay.  We'll do roll call. 

TM:                 Cheryle Kennedy?

CK:                 Here.

TM:                 Reyn Leno?

RL:                  Here. 

TM:                 Kathleen Tom?  Is out.  Steve Bob?

LS:                  Steve is actually -- Steve are you here?

SB:                  Yes.

VS:                  Yes.  Can you speak up a little?

TM:                 Jack Giffen?

JG:                   I'm here.

VS:                  Jack.  Present or not? 

JG:                   Did she say Jack?

TM:                 Yeah.

RL:                  Yep.

VS:                  He's present.

RL:                  He's present. 

TM:                 Toby McClary?  I'm here.  Chris Mercier?  Travel.  Val Sheker?

VS:                  Present. 

TM:                 Wink Soderberg is out on business.

RL:                  Okay.  Being how we only have three people here we might want to table these minutes beings how the one's on the phone won't be able to review the minutes.  So, we'll table them minutes for the next meeting.  Order of business.  Unfinished Business.   New Business. 

TM:                 Yep.  a. -- (chuckling)  Do we need to vote on the absences?

RL:                  Oh.  That's right. 

TM:                 I make a motion to approve the -- the absences.

VS:                  I'll second.

RL:                  We have a first and second approving all absences.  All in favor say aye.

MEMB:           Aye. (In Unison) 

RL:                  Opposed?  Abstentions?  The motion carries.  Okay.  Now we'll do unfinished bus -- or New Business.

TM:                 Okay.  New Business.  Number one is an update on the General Council agenda for March 6, 2011, at the Tribal Community Center.  It will begin at 11:00 a.m.  The program report will be Tribal Economic Development.  There will be door prizes, $250.  One at $100 and three at $50.  And then a canoe journey, 50/50 raffle drawing. 

RL:                  By consensus we need to approve the agenda for the Council meeting.  Is everybody all right with that?

TM:                 Good.

VS:                  Yes.

RL:                  Take it for granted they approve.  (Laughter)  Legislative Action.

TM:                 2.  Public Safety Ordinance Amendment - resolution.  The committee met on February 22, 2011.  There were 6 of 9 present.  Recommendation was 6 yes.  The committee recommends that Tribal Council adopt a resolution approving the proposed amendment to the Public Safety Ordinance. The proposed amendment clarifies that tribally sponsored educational activities pertaining to election issues directly impacting the Tribe (such as activities related to the Private Gaming Initiative) are exempt from the provisions of the Campaigning section of the Ordinance.

RL:                  Questions or comments?  Oh.  Either one but --


RL:                  Okay.  Siobhan?  You better check your phone.  It might be buzzed or something.  I don't know.  Okay.  Val?

VS:                  On -- on the -- the change to this ordinance it says that Tribally sponsored education activities pertaining to election issues directly impacting the Tribe and then it goes on to say Private Gaming Initiative.  Does that mean only that or would that mean like our Tribal Council elections as -- as well but it only changes it for private gaming, because it's ambiguous at best.  So, uh, I don't want anybody to get caught breaking the ordinance because they interpreted it -- 

RL:                  Right.  The -- the issue was that under the other -- the old way it was is basically they could --

SB:                  Are you there?

RL:                  Somebody might say we're out of compliance because we put up signs about when we were fighting Issue 75 or something.  This -- this changes that for the availability of the Tribe.  If we want to educate Tribal members on the issues that are out there, whether they be community or whatever, it allows us with about -- and against our own ordinance.  Is that correct?  So, it's --

SB:                  Correct. 

RL:                  -- just pointing out that the Tribe will be able to put signs up saying don't vote on this or vote for or whatever. 

BB:                  Betty Bly, #3544.  Well, I guess you explained it, Reyn.  I was going to ask because it was confusing to me.

RL:                  Yeah.

BB:                  Thank you.

RL:                  You're welcome.  Any other questions or comments?  Hearing or seeing no other questions or comments I'll entertain a motion to approve the public safety ordinance amendment - resolution. 

VS:                  I'll move.

TM:                 Second.

RL:                  We have a first and second.  All in favor say aye.

MEMB:           Aye.  (In Unison)

RL:                  Opposed?  Abstentions?  The motion carries. 

TM:                 b. Basic Library IMLS Grant Application - resolution.  The committee met on February 22, 2011.  There were 6 of 9 present.  The recommendation was 6 yes.  The committee recommends that Tribal Council adopt a resolution to: 1) approve the Tribe's submission of an application to the Institute of Museum and Library Services for a $7,000 Basic Grant with the Education/Assessment Option; 2) approve covering indirect on this grant with Tribal funds; and 3) ratify the Tribal Council Chairwoman's signature on the application and authorizing her or, in her absence, the Vice-Chairman to execute all documents necessary for this funding.

RL:                  Questions?  Comments?  Hearing nor seeing any questions or comments I'll entertain a motion to approve the Basic Library IMLS Grant Application - resolution.

TM:                 I'll move.

VS:                  Second.

RL:                  We have a first and second.  All in favor say aye.

MEMB:           Aye. (In Unison)

RL:                  Opposed?  Abstentions?  The motion carries. 

TM:                 c. ANA Language Immersion Grant Application - resolution.  The committee met on March 2, 2011.  There were 5 of 9 present.  The recommendation is 5 yes.  The committee recommends that Tribal Council adopt a resolution : 1) approving the submission of the Tribe's application to the Administration for Native Americans for a three year Language Immersion grant totaling $746,872; and 2) provide the required 20% matching cost share of $186,719 primarily through in-kind staff time, some cash match and the application of a reduced indirect cost rate of 39.6% on grant paid costs.

RL:                  Questions?  Comments?  Hearing nor seeing any questions or comments I'll entertain a motion to approve the ANA Language Immersion Grant Application - resolution. 

VS:                  I'll move.

TM:                 Second.

RL:                  We have a first and second.  All in favor say aye.

MEMB:           Aye.  (In Unison)

RL:                  Opposed?  Abstentions?  The motion carries.  What's your group doing, Siobhan?  Are they on their still? 

ST:                   Siobhan Taylor, Public Affair Director.  They say you're mumbling, Mr. Vice-Chair.  They can't hear you.

LS:                  They can't hear you.

ST:                   They can't hear you.

RL:                  Tell them to listen harder. (chuckling)

ST:                   Okay.  I will.  (chuckling)

RL:                  Okay. 

TM:                 d. Purchase and Acquisition of Lash Property - resolution.  The committee met on  March 2, 2011.  There were 5 of 9 present.  Recommendation was 5 yes.  The committee recommends that Tribal Council adopt a resolution: 1) approving the purchase and acquisition of the Lash Property and authorizing the Lands Manager to complete the purchase upon the terms presented; 2) authorizing the Finance Officer to transfer funding for the purchase price and associated costs from the contingency budget; and 3) authorizing the Tribal Council Chairwoman to execute any documents necessary to complete acquisition of the Lash Property.

RL:                  Questions of comments?  Hearing nor seeing any questions or comments I'll entertain a motion to approve the purchase and acquisition of the Lash Property - resolution. 

VS:                  I'll move.

TM:                 I'll second.

RL:                  We have a first and second.  All in favor say aye.

MEMB:           Aye.  (In Unison)

RL:                  Opposed?  Abstentions.  The motion carries.  Okay.  We have several reminders there.  Our community events coming up is the Native Jam Concert Series, March 12th.  Tribal Gymnasium at 6:00. 

                        First Foods Celebration, March 19th at the Tribal Community Center, starting at noon.  Tribal members are invited to attend and enjoy traditional foods.  For more information call Kathy Provost.

                        Veteran's Powwow down at the Powwow Grounds.  For more information notify Chris Tinney.

                        And the Competition Powwow, of course, is August 19-21st at the Powwow Grounds.    

                        Do we have any other announcements?

JG:                   Reyn? 

RL:                  Yeah?

JG:                   Do you -- is there any other business you need, uh, me on the line for?

RL:                  Yeah.  I need you. 

VS:                  (Chuckling) 

RL:                  (Chuckling)  No. 

JG:                   Okay.

RL:                  Are you signing off?

JG:                   I'm going to get off here. 

RL:                  Are you signing off?

JG:                   I'm signing off. 

RL:                  Okay.

JG:                   Okay.  Bye. 

JD:                   Joani Dugger, Executive Assistant to Grand Ronde Tribal Housing Authority.  I have the privilege and pleasure to announce our new executive -- Assistant Executive Director, Brian DeMarco.  He's in attendance tonight.  I thought I'd introduce him to everyone.  (Applause)

BD:                 Brian DeMarco, Assistant Executive Director, GRTHA.  Thank you.  Excuse me.  I'd just like to say that I thank you for the honor it is to work with you in your community here and I'm really excited.  This is a great opportunity.  Thank you.  (Applause)

RL:                  You picked a good night to break him in, huh?  Do we have any other announcements?  Well, I have one announcement.  This pertains kind of to me personally.  So, I -- but I think it's correct for the membership.  I'll just read a statement.  So -- I feel that it's important for the membership to be aware of what is going on with their leadership.  Therefore I am taking the opportunity to let the membership know that I have received two separate documents titled Ethics Complaint.  Both documents were signed by Andrew Jenness.  The general nature of these documents involved a transaction between myself and Round Valley Construction in 2009.  I had Round Valley come and clean a ditch on my property.  I was invoiced and paid for the work.  It was as simple as that.  If you would like a copy of this document I will provide it.  And past that, you know, you can't really discuss anything past that and so -- and hopefully Council will move in a timely manner to get a hearings officer so we can put this behind us.  Okay.  Betty?

BB:                  Betty Bly, #3544.  I was surprised to see that the Round Dance is not here on community events.  It's on weekend of March 19th.

UV:                 Eighteenth and 19th.

BB:                  Eighteenth and 19th.  So, I believe it starts at 6:00. 

RL:                  Uh, yeah, I -- okay.  I didn't -- remember I just had another announcement too.  And I believe -- we had a board meeting on Monday and we will be putting it out for the Smoke Signals.  We will be seeking one board member for the Board down at the casino.  So, we'll get something out in the Smoke Signals.  That's because of the passing of Bruce Lattin, a long time board member.  Okay.  Any other announcements?  Jan?

JR:                   Jan Michael Reibach, #3227.  I have a question.  So, they filed an ethics complaint on you for work that Round Valley did on your property and you paid for and what -- how much was that work?

RL:                  It was --  yeah, I mean, it -- like -- yeah.  I don't want to get into detail --

JR:                   Like I mean was it --

RL:                  -- on it because this is going to go to a hearing so --

JR:                   It was -- I mean --

RL:                  It was $78.00. 

JR:                   $78.00. 

RL:                  $78 and --

VS:                  It wasn't like this big whole thing that (unintelligible).

JR:                   Right.  So, it's $78 of work that they're filing this court case on your for and about how much does a hearing officer cost? 

RL:                  Uh --

JR:                   That's my point.  What?  $20,000-$30,000?  And I normally don't speak but --

VS:                  But you're so good at it Jan Michael.  Yeah.  I just -- I just can't believe they're doing that.

RL:                  Okay.  If we have no other announcements we will move to Other Business.  Do we have any Other Business? 

GH:                 Gladys Hobbs, #626.  And the first thing I would like to do is correct the minutes for the last Wednesday night meeting because the bragging that I heard about did not come from a temp pool person.  It was a Tribal member and I just want to clarify that.  It says here, "...stated her concerns over what is being heard from some temp pool employees."  It did not come from a temp pool employee.

VS:                  On the minutes?

GH:                 Yes.

VS:                  We haven't approved them yet so we can't make that (unintelligible).

GH:                 Pardon?

VS:                  We didn't approve the minutes yet so --

GH:                 Good.  Because it's not correct.

RL:                  Yeah.  So, it'll have to --

GH:                 And I just wanted to clarify that.

RL:                  Okay.  Note that on your copy or whatever and then we'll give them to Deneen.

GH:                 Okay. 

RL:                  Or Lauri and then we can get them changed. 

GH:                 Great.  I don't mind being quoted but I just want to be quoted correctly to make sure that everybody knows that what I said is what I said and not what was written down.  The other things that I really would like to talk about is the community center.  I worked a funeral there Saturday and I work a lot of funerals.  And as time progresses the community center has become worse and worse -- worser.  I don't know what word to use. 

VS:                  I thought that word was (unintelligible).

GH:                 It's horrible.  It is horrible.  There is nothing there to work with.  Everything that was left there by our kitchen staff when we moved over to the new building has vanished.  Where it's gone I don't know.  But if anybody has ever tried to cook a meal without the pans -- pots and pans to do it, it's pretty pathetic.  And it -- I don't know it -- it's sad and I really think that as a people we need to do something about that.  If we have to purchase items to be used strictly for funerals we should do that and then put the blasted things under lock and key so they don't walk off.  I mean it's sad that we can't keep stuff that is needed over there. 

RL:                  Val?

VS:                  Can I offer a suggestion?  If you want I could even meet you over there and we  could go through everything since you're versed at making these meals and we could make a list of what would be needed and then we can bring it into Council and make that suggestion.  There's plenty of locked -- locking cabinets there that we can lock these things up but I agree with you it is hard to -- to provide a meal for wakes and then I think the first food ceremony is also held in the Community Center, which we need cooking essential -- utensils.  So, it's really not just for the -- the funeral meals and stuff.  There's other activities too. 

PD:                  Penny DeLoe, #1504.  Just to let you know, Val, there's probably about five or six of us that have keys to those cabinets.  When -- back when we used to do the funerals as a funeral committee we had keys to those cabinets.  So, in order -- I agree with you, something needs to be done and I agree with you locking it up but we would need to put new keys because there's several of us that has keys to those cabinets.  

VS:                  But would you suggest that we try to collect all those keys or just change out the locks? 

PD:                  Change out the locks.

VS:                  Okay.  We'll do that.  If it's okay with Council I'll go over there with her and see what we need and --

RL:                  Act -- actually I've got a question for Larry.  Do we -- did -- did we inventory that stuff over at the community center?  I know -- okay.  Okay.

GH:                 And I'm not a professional.  I'll be happy to meet with you but I would like to have somebody else go as well.

VS:                  Well, you know, you have a lot more years of cookin' than I do, honey. 

GH:                 Uh huh.  That's true.

VS:                  (Chuckling)

GH:                 And I -- I have.  I've been here for over six years now and I have done a lot of funerals there and I know when I first came when you went down there and cooked you had everything you need.  Saturday we were lacking in everything.  It was pathetic. 

VS:                  Penny said she would go with us if it's okay with you.

GH:                 Okay.  Great.  That's wonderful.  Now the other thing is the gas gets turned off at the -- in the kitchen when you're not using it and I realize that the pilot light use a little gas but let me tell you it's a whole lot more dangerous to turn that gas off and then turn it back on and those pipes -- the gas is escaping in those pilot lights and we had a problem Saturday that we did not -- none of us knew how to turn the oven on.  We didn't know how to light the oven.  I knew that there was a button that we had to push in order to light the pilot light but I could not find the button.  My -- my husband was in the gas business for 48 years.  We've been married 44 of those years.  So, I really do know something about the gas misses.  I don't know if anybody's checked it out but if they haven't it really needs to be done because the gas smell over there is atrocious and the people that work there become accustomed to this smell.  People who walk in off the street are not.  We did a wedding down there two or three weeks ago and my husband happened to come down and he says, Gladys, you need to tell somebody they have to get a gas person out here because the smell is really bad.  So, that's just a suggestion.  I'm afraid somebody is going to blow their head off just from the gas fumes by trying to light something.  Okay.  That's all I had to say.  Thank you. 

BB:                  Betty Bly, #3544.  I know exactly what she's saying about everything disappearing down there.  When we did the First Foods last year we were under the impression because before there had always been lots of plates there, the -- we had exactly what we needed, which was 40 plates.  That's it.  There -- that's what was there then.  And I don't know what is there now.  And when we went to use the kitchen we actually had to clean the kitchen before we could use it.  It was absolutely filthy.  And I've been in that kitchen and when you walk in there in the kitchen it makes your eyes water because of the smell of the gas.  So, there is -- something needs to be done about turning off those pilot lights.  You know, it could build up to a point to where if someone went in there or if there was a spark or something that humidity -- that building could blow sky high, you know, really.  You have having a gas leak it's not a good idea.  Having those pilots turned off is not a good idea.  But it -- the reason why I -- I came up here was a while back -- well, it's been over a month ago because I haven't been to a meeting for over a month, uh, there was something brought up about some property that had been sold and there was $4.1 million, I believe.  It was brought up and you were talking about it, Reyn, whether the money should be given to the people or if it should go into the general fund or what should be done with it.  What was the decision that the Council had made concerning this money?

RL:                  Uh -- of course, if anybody else wants to comment, uh, actually we -- we haven't met on that issue.  The -- the property has been sold.  I believe we've received our part of it.  Right now it's sitting in a -- a general fund or a gaming fund and -- and Council will have discretion as to what we will do with it.  Obviously, if you look at our budget we've committed 1.9 of it to balance this year's budget, 011's budget.  So, as we go through the year that will be applied.  So, basically -- and then we -- we did not receive the whole amount now.  We've got to wait.  There's a certain amount that we will receive about 12 months from now -- a year from now but the majority of it we've received.  So, uh, hopefully Council will be meeting on that and decide what they need -- what they want to do with it. 

BB:                  Okay.  The other was is that, uh, I feel that this is a very frivolous ethics charge that has been filed against you.  I think it's going to be very, very expensive.  You're going to have to hire this person to look into the situation.  I think it's very black and white.  You had the invoice.  You paid the invoice.  And if this ethic's charge is -- has been filed against you and it comes to pass that there is nothing there and there's no sanctions against you whatsoever that I think that the person that filed the -- the ethics charges should have to turn around and pay the cost because this is not something that the Tribe should have to pay for.  We shouldn't have to pay for frivolous things like this.  All this is, is and -- just the same as before, it has to do with the election.  You know that, I know that and a lot of other people know that.  It happens every time you come up for election.  There is something like this that happens.  And the last time you come up for election it was the Leno letter.  Now you're being brought up, you know, on this ethics charge.  And I don't know if there's anything written down any where but I just don't think this is right.  It's not right.  It's smells, it stinks and I think the majority of the people don't like it. 

RL:                  Thank you, Betty.  You know, and I -- I take it on as part of my job.  I mean, I know what I'm getting into.  I'll let Deneen actually comment on what is an ethic ordinance violation towards a person that files frivolous, then I ain't saying it, it's actually coming from our legal. 

DK:                 Deneen Keller, Senior Staff Attorney.  The ethics ordinance actually does have a provision for sanction against a complainant if they bring a complaint that is found to be harassment or completely without merit.  Under the ordinance the complainant who brought that action is not only liable to the person against whom the ethic charges are made for their costs, attorney fees and other costs associated with defending themselves, they're also liable to the Tribe for the cost of the hearings officer and other costs associated with it.  So, that is provided for in the ordinance. 

BB:                  So, it is provided for?

DK:                 Yes. 

BB:                  Well, I -- I guess I could pull it up.

DK:                 Actually the language -- the language is if the hearings officer finds an allegation is brought against an official -- submitted for the purposes of harassment or other improper purpose or is completely without merit.  That's the standard.

BB:                  I know they called for -- I believe it was Kathy that called for the audit of Round Valley Construction.  Who called for the audit of all of their invoices?

UV:                 A couple of us.  We have an audit committee that brought it forward.

BB:                  So, it wasn't a Council member that called for the audit?

UV:                 Oh, no.  No. 

RL:                  Toby?

TM:                 I think there -- there was two -- there was two different audits that was done.  There was some -- there was a routine audit that was done by Moss Adams and then after Moss Adams distributed the results then there was -- then Council then asked for an internal audit be done on -- and, Trudy, correct me if I'm wrong, there was an audit requested by Council to focus on work that was not done for the Tribe but by out -- outside customers. 

BB:                  Um hmm.  And so this is -- was an intensive audit.  It took up a lot of her time.  Right? 

TM:                 She could probably speak to that better than I could.  I don't know how long she actually -- I don't how many hours she spent on it.  I -- I would assume, yes, several hours that it took for her to do the audit.

BB:                  Yeah.  And -- and I was told that this one invoice, uh -- uh, had a red flag for some reason and I didn't understand that.  It -- I think I was told this by Andy but, uh --

TM:                 I -- I don't recall there being a red flag on this particular invoice.

BB:                  Anyway, those --

TM:                 I -- I was -- 

BB:                  -- were the comments I wanted to make.

TM:                 And -- and I'll just follow-up with you, Betty.  I'm the one that actually -- because I was the interim chair of the Round Valley board at the time that all of this kind of happened and I was actually the one that went down to Round Valley, to the bookkeeper at Round Valley, and requested the invoice of the work that was done for Vice-Chairman Leno's personal work that he had done.  And while I was there I also inquired about the organization of the bookkeeping, how invoices are distributed and -- and how the records are kept and I was -- you know, I had reported this back to the board when we had a board meeting.  I was very satisfied with the organization that the bookkeeper has, the way people are invoiced, the record keeping.  I was -- I was completely satisfied with and I -- and I don't think that there was -- I don't think that -- as far as what I could tell from the questions that I asked and the information that I asked her for it didn't appear that anything -- that there was anything shady with -- with how they kept their records and how they kept their books and how they created and distributed invoices. 

BB:                  Thank you. 

RL:                  Val?

VS:                  Betty, uh -- uh, if my memory serves me this issue of how audits are asked for and performed has came up before because members have accused some people of witch hunts.  What you need to understand is Moss Adams is our -- they perform the financial audits for the Tribe.  Their job is to go through all the paperwork pertaining to incoming, outgoing work performed.  Anything like that that the Tribe has done.  That's their job.  Federal standards apply.  This was not, uh -- if I remember correctly Kathy Tom did not stand up one day and say I think I'm going to do an audit on Round Valley because I heard that Reyn had work done.  It didn't happen that way.  Moss Adams found this issue in their -- well, they were auditing our files.  Now they audit Round Valley.  They audit Cherry City.  They audit the government.  And this was not the only finding that they had.  Now, uh, the thing is, is that this has happened before.  I'm not saying that I agree with following through with the hearings officer, be -- you know, I've heard both sides of the story and I've looked at both and so Reyn had work done.  I talked to Reyn the other day.  I think we all should be able to hire Round Valley to do work on our houses.  I could sure use them.  But, uh, so the -- the audit by Trudy needed to be done.  We had -- had to do our part as your government regardless if it concerned another councilman or not and Reyn was not the only person that was in that billing circle that was questionable.  I'm not saying that Reyn did anything wrong and I do think that a hearings officer is going to cost a lot more than whatever this issue -- perceived issue is but I don't want you to walk away and think that we -- it was just all of a sudden thought one day to, hey, let's make Reyn's life miserable.  It wasn't like that.  So, I just wanted you to know that. 

BB:                  Well, I know from the -- from the Council meetings that I have been at that Andy has come up here and asked for records from Round Valley Construction over and over again.

VS:                  That's correct.

BB:                  And he wanted hard copies of the invoices over and over again.  And so he had been trying to look into this for a long time and he was looking into this probably because he knew of this invoice and -- by some way and he was planning on doing exactly what he did.  Now is there a policy that says that Council members cannot hire Round Valley to do something for them?

VS:                  No.  No.  And like Reyn I'm going to save any comments I have about whether or not this is something that is written or unwritten but yet even though it's not written it's okay.  But I want to comment on your comment on Andy.  Okay?  I sat in here and was severely attacked by you and Brenda Gray on something that you heard.  It was gossip.  So, what you're saying Andy did is exactly what you guys did to me.  So, even though I agree that you have every right to do what you did but you heard what you heard somewhere, you didn't see any paperwork saying it was true and then what you heard was completely half truth.  Now, however Andy heard about this, as a Tribal member that has every right to inquire about things pertaining to his Tribe, it is his Tribe, it is your Tribe, I'll never stop you guys from anything like that but I can say that there was a personal vendetta against me too because nobody ever came to me.  Nobody ever asked me.  And so what you're saying about Andy I would be careful not to cross that line.  He is a Tribal member.   He does have the right to know things.  You are a Tribal member.  Brenda is a Tribal member.  You have every right to know things.  Every right.  And so that -- whatever Andy did or how he found out or the questions he asked he thought were important.  Whatever you guys know, whatever you found out, whatever questions you asked were important to you and you asked them.  And so, you know, you -- you need to take your values on information that you want to know and how you find out and put that towards your fellow Tribal member because what is fair and okay for you must be fair and okay for the next Tribal member.  My job up here is to take it. 

BB:                  Okay, Val.  Uh, I -- I'm going to ask you now were you arrested?

VS:                  I -- at the first meeting I think I told you that I would not be discussing this until it was done and then when it's done I will -- I will talk about it all day long.  But I have two attorneys that are costing me so far $35,000 so when I go to defend myself and to see that things are made right by me I do it at my attorney's advice.  I will not discuss it until I'm done in this case.

BB:                  Okay.

VS:                  And I will show you all my evidence and give you access to my attorney and everything. 

BB:                  Okay.  So, anyway, uh, I was told that you were arrested and you went to jail.  I told you that I felt this was a great embarrassment to me and to the Tribe.  Now, I do not think that I was jumping to conclusions or that I was really picking on you.

VS:                  And I don't think that you should say that Andy is.

TM:                 Betty?  Betty?

BB:                  Okay.

VS:                  You have no --

TM:                 Your five minutes has expired.  You have people waiting in line.

VS:                  He's just doing what you were doing.  Okay?

BB:                  Thank you.

TM:                 So, if you want to -- if you want to come back up that's fine.  I do have a comment.  I -- I want to -- it's about something that was being discussed a long time ago but in -- with regard -- first of all I wanted to get back to the Round Valley and -- and just to try to answer Betty's question.  One person can't re -- it would take -- it would take five Council members to request that an audit be done.  So, it wasn't just Kathy.  It would have taken four other people to have requested that audit be done.  Next, uh, in the Moss Adams audit I think that Councilwoman Sheker had mentioned that there was a finding that -- that there was work performed for a Tribal Council member and my recollection of what the audit says it wasn't a finding.  It was -- it was in the summary that there was work performed and -- and I can't recall exactly how it was stated but it said that there was work performed for -- for private customers limited to -- or including but not limited to a Tribal Council member.  So, I just want to set the record straight that it wasn't a finding in the audit.  It was -- it was actually in the final summary of the audit.  So, I just wanted to make the record clear on that. 

GH:                 Gladys Hobbs, #626.  I had a question for Legal.  She stated that we -- the Tribe can go back and get -- recover money for frivolous.  Has it ever happened?  Has anyone ever been held accountable for that type of thing or is it still on the books and ugly?

DK:                 Deneen Keller, Senior Staff Attorney.  I -- you know, I'm going off of memory.  I don't believe so but I also believe that this language was added later and I'd have to go back and look and find out the actual date but if memory serves this provision was added after we'd had a series of ethics complaints filed.  So, I'd  have to go back and look and I could do that for you.  But --

GH:                 So, there's been no ethics complaints since this went into effect?

DK:                 I don't know if that's true but I don't believe that -- that that provision has been used to hold someone liable as memory serves.

GH:                 So, I can -- I can file a liab -- I can file one and get away with it basically?

DK:                 But I don't -- the problem is I don't know when that language was added or how  t hat --

GH:                 Okay.

DK:                 -- occurred.

GH:                 I'm talking about today anyway.  I just -- that's -- I just wanted to throw that out there because I think anybody could do anything and get away with it.  They're not held accountable and that's pathetic.  That is really sad.  On another note do you as Council people know whether or not there actually is going to be a rodeo, a PCRA rodeo this year?

RL:                  Yes.

GH:                 Is there -- do you have any idea when it's going to be?

VS:                  Normally in July?

RL:                  Yeah.  I think they're talking July. 

TM:                 I think it's the weekend before the Veteran's Powwow.

RL:                  The weekend after Veteran's Powwow.

GH:                 That's what I was going to say.  If it's the weekend before it's 4th of July weekend.

RL:                  July.  Right.

TM:                 Okay.  I think it's the weekend after.

RL:                  I think it's the weekend after.

GH:                 And it's going to be held where?  Down here?

RL:                  Down here at the rodeo grounds but we're really -- they're working with the casino and trying -- 

GH:                 Right.

RL:                  -- to really make it a -- a big thing.

GH:                 Right.

RL:                  Entertainment and --

GH:                 Are you telling me we can't vend down there then?

RL:                  Huh?

GH:                 Hey.  We're professional cooks.

RL:                  (Chuckling)

GH:                 No, I'm kidding.  (Chuckling) 

RL:                  Okay.

GH:                 Thank you.

RL:                  Toby?

TM:                 Just -- just to touch on that rodeo thing.

GH:                 Okay.

TM:                 Again, they are working with the casino. 

GH:                 Um hmm.

TM:                 They've identified an amount of money that they're going to put towards that.  They're going to, I believe, have a country western singer at the casino over that weekend.  They're going to have promotions for the rodeo.  They're going to have like a western days theme.  It's going to be different than I guess past -- past rodeos and they're expecting to make money off of it.  So, it's -- on paper it looks really good right now.

GH:                 Is there any way we can find out about the information on that because of the elders have been vending at the Junior Rodeo's down here and --

TM:                 Just contact Harold Lyon.

GH:                 Contact Harold?

TM:                 He's the (unintelligible) Chair. 

RL:                  Rope him some day when he's over there at the meal site.

GH:                 I'm sorry?

RL:                  I said rope him some day when he's over there at the meal site and have him --

GH:                 Okay.

RL:                  -- give you guys an update. 

GH:                 I see him once a week on Monday at the -- at the casino.  That's about it.  Thank you. 

CG:                 Charlotte Gray, #1517.  I've had several people call me after the article was put in the newspaper about how much money are you spending to sponsor the Rose Festival Parade.  Why didn't the newspaper just put the amount of money in there so that the Tribal members know? 

RL:                  I believe, I -- we just had a board meeting.  I believe it was -- I want to say $167,000 for the sponsorship and I don't -- the float was 60 or 70.  Something like that.

CG:                 But why wasn't that amount put in there for the people to know?  There was just six zero's in there.

RL:                  I -- I don't -- I don't know. 

CG:                 Well, somebody needs to talk to the --

RL:                  Okay.

CG:                 -- editor and have those numbers put in there. 

RL:                  Yeah.  And we're -- you know, we -- we shouldn't be hiding anything because it was in a major sponsorship.

CG:                 Okay.

VS:                  We can have them up that in there (unintelligible).

CG:                 Okay.

GH:                 Gladys Hobbs, #626.  It -- am I incorrect in thinking that that amount of money sponsoring that is coming out of marketing at the casino? 

RL:                  Correct.

GH:                 It -- so it's not coming out of the general fund that we're paying for it?  It's coming out of Marketing?

RL:                  It comes out of Marketing.

GH:                 Their budget?

RL:                  Yeah.

GH:                 Right.  Okay.  And we did -- we did hear the amount before?  We have heard the amount.

RL:                  Huh?

UV:                 I thought it was three years.

RL:                  Yeah.

UV:                 Yeah.  Me too.  It was three years. 

RL:                  It's a three year deal but it was like $167,000, I -- I believe for one year. 

VS:                  So, every year will be the same rate.

RL:                  For a three year period which a lot of our sponsorships fall in, you know, three years when you make that commitment.

BG:                 Brenda Gray, #339.  I just wanted to ask about that $4.0 million or whatever because are you guys talking about putting that in our per capita to help us out?

RL:                  We -- we have not met on that issue. 

BG:                 But I mean this is like a rerun.  You guys pulled this one on our budget line.  We couldn't keep you guys together to meet and make decisions that involved the membership and now you guys are doing it again on our per capita but we're the ones that are doing without.  I'm just stating a fact here and asking because this is something that should have been met on a while back.  Some decisions should have been made on, you know, because it's our gaming dollars.  That is our gaming dollars and that -- we have our right to it.  So, I'm just asking, you know and here we're going through it again.  You guys just can't seem to get the business taken care of for the membership. 

RL:                  Toby?

TM:                 I agree.  But I will say that I think it's probably a safe statement to make that whatever we do with that money won't be decided by -- before next Friday, which is the (unintelligible).  So, I -- I will say that many of it does go back to distribution, that -- that you will be -- you know, it will prob -- probably be (unintelligible).

BG:                 But I mean this is something that should have been discussed way before this.  You know or anything else.  I mean I just feel like the membership is doing without and I just see a lot of our money going out to non-members and like what was it a month or so ago you guys are saying we was doing great,  we're above this and that, you gave them all their raises.  But now I'm hearing a different story of we don't have the money now and, you know, the budget was voted in.  You only get 20 percent and 20 percent you're not going to get much and it's -- I don't think the membership realizes that.  And I'm thankful for everything that I get, you know, because it helps.  But, you know, I just think quite a few of you on our Council has forgotten.  You guys -- we voted you in there to take be caretakers for our money and to make sure it's going to the right places and to make sure that the membership is being taken care of.  Yes, our health care and all that, that is important, but, you know, we make sure you guys are well taken care of.  You guys don't do without.  And I'm just saying that the membership is -- you know, and I'm worried about the young kids because that's the ones -- they don't get per capita, you know, and they have to do without.  And I'm just saying I hear a lot of talk and I do --  I'm very outspoken down at the casino and I do say what's on my mind, you know, because when it does come around our per capita time a lot of them get pretty upset down there.  So, I have to turn around and tell them, hey, I'll tell you one thing and I'm only going to say this once, this casino was built to make the Tribal members' life a little bit easier so we can become self-sufficient..  That's what it's there for.  You know, we're all thankful we've got a job here.  Be thankful you're working because you knew when you was hired here that this money was going to go to the Tribe and the membership, then they shut up, they know, you know, but I mean every time around per capita time you start hearing it.  Well, the rest of us have got to work for it.  And I said, well, yeah, the rest of us are working too but you knew coming here you could be working for the Tribe and the membership is the one that benefits.  But I'm just saying somewhere down the line, you know, you guys have forgotten.  Some of you have forgotten and the membership is paying for it because it is a sad situation out there.  There's a lot of our membership that -- that is not working.  Yes, they got records.  But, you know, I've seen other Tribes set up and make sure that their members could work somewhere but we don't even have it set up down there with our casino for any of those who wants to work because they cannot get a gaming license.  That's just -- I'm just stating my opinion and what I think but I'm hope you guys make the right decision about where our money is going and what you guys are doing with it.  Thank you.

RL:                  Go ahead, Val.

VS:                  Brenda?  I -- I agree with you on -- on that and, you know, the marketing budget, you know, may have been dropped by $3 million, but that $30 million -- $33 million going into marketing that -- that amount is way more than what is given out to our entire membership and when I find out that we're sponsoring Oregon State University, Portland State University, the Trail Blazers, we're sponsoring golf tournaments and things like this, which I really don't see much value in.  I have never seen our name associated with Oregon State or Portland State.  I don't know what the calculation is per dollar invested, what we hope to get in return for it, like what type of advertising or whatnot.  Although marketing is a necessary evil of the business that we're in to that extent, I'm -- I'm not sure that it is and sometimes I feel that some of our sponsorships are chosen because of people like some of the teams so much.  But I would think in a time such as this by -- by supporting or use our marketing dollars to support Portland State or Oregon State, uh, that we can still do so but not at the amount that we currently are doing.  Everybody's in a recession and the last time I heard Oregon State was not hurting for any money.  I mean they're one of the wealthiest schools our there.  Didn't Paul Allen from there for crying out loud.  So, anyway, I think we earn more money on a free play day than we do on a lot of our marketing investments and I'm no genius and no -- my degrees are not in marketing but I know that there's a formula for it and I've never seen it.  I've asked for it about 20 times.  But the marketing budget getting as much as they get and putting it where they want to put it and then all of a sudden I look at the budget and per capita is budgeted at 20 percent, I thought that we agreed per the gaming revenue allocation plan to do 25 percent and above but I think it goes below and I think that's okay by the federal government but I've asked for that several times to be relooked at.  The amount, the -- the sponsorship, the location, the amounts and everything to see if in this day and time it's necessary to take that amount.  Now, I know that you like Oregon State so don't --

RL:                  (Unintelligible).

VS:                  Oh -- oh, now I'm in big trouble.  But anyway our marketing is a necessary evil, is my understanding, but to the extent and the thing that we market, I don't know.  I don't know how sponsoring a golf tournament and have a bunch of our executives going golfing is advertising anything.  It's not in the newspaper or anything.  Anyway, I agree with you, Brenda. 

RL:                  I'll comment a little on the marketing.  The marketing budget is about $26 million.  The sponsorships for Oregon and Oregon State and the Trail Blazers are probably the three biggest ones but it's not about the -- the tickets and going to the game and everything.  We're after is the data bases that they can provide to us of their alumni and the school and then we can mail out to them.  I mean that's what marketing does on them large ones and they're signed in three year contracts.  It's not like we can just do away with them.  And them are the three biggest things in probably the state of Oregon and when you take all three of those data bases that's huge.  What the membership needs to understand though is regardless of how well we're doing , per capita was set at 20 percent in the budget.  So, it's going to be 20 percent regardless of how well we are doing down there, until the last distribution, which could come in above or below, that's kind of when you balance out for the total year.  So, as of right now it's going to be 20 percent.  That's what was approved. 

VS:                  But why 20 percent?

RL:                  That's what was in the budget. 

VS:                  That's what accounting put in the budget.  It wasn't a discussion with Council on what it was supposed to be.  I'm going to let that one (unintelligible).  

RL:                  Siobhan?

ST:                   Siobhan Taylor, Public Affairs Director.  Thank you, Mr. Vice Chair.  Just a quick point of clarification, Charlotte, for you.  I went back and checked and in the Smoke Signals article it stated that the Rose Festival sponsorship was six figures and that was at the request of the casino marketing department and I'm sure it's because they were still tweaking the final details of that agreement and we're ready to go public with it yet or before deferring to Tribal Council as to what they felt was appropriate to put a press release before it went to the public in March.

BG:                 Okay.  Thanks.

VS:                  Thank you, Siobhan.

RL:                  Betty?

BB:                  Betty Bly, #3544.  I need to ask some questions that I was asked to ask.  Uh, number one, uh, usually once a year the -- some of the Elders get to go up and sit in the fancy box with the nice food and watch a Blazers game.  Isn't that where the box is?  Isn't that who --

TM:                 I believe the box is in the (unintelligible) stadium and -- but I will say that you're talking about the Blazers.

BB:                  Is -- is that where you went?  Who -- yeah, who did you watch?

TM:                 When?  I've -- I've gone to several -- I've gone to Beaver games.  I've gone to Duck games.  I've gone to Blazer games. 

BB:                  Is -- okay.  Anyway are we going to get to go this year?

RL:                  Have they requested to go?  I mean, I can talk to --

BB:                  Do we have to make a request?

RL:                  Well, I -- I can ask Rodney but the Elders may not --

BB:                  Okay.   Yeah.  We're requesting to go.  Kathryn really wants to go.  So, she's went in the past and she wants to know when she's going to get to go. 

RL:                  I didn't know that they -- they went up and did that, so --

BB:                  Yeah.  So --

RL:                  Yeah.  We can -- but we can -- yeah, we can ask Rodney about it. 

BB:                  Okay.  And then the other thing is, is that there's several people that want to know what the per capita date and the amount.

RL:                  Per capita is March 11th and we will be meeting Friday morning to set the per capita. 

BB:                  So, we don't know the amount?

RL:                  No.

BB:                  And also how did the casino do in the last three months? 

RL:                  They met budget in December.  They met budget in January and they were down in February.

UV:                 Not that much thought were they? 

RL:                  Yeah.  They were down. 

BB:                  They couldn't have been down that much?

RL:                  Yes.

BB:                  If you -- you had set the goal higher than --

RL:                  We -- we don't set the budget.  I mean they set their own budget down there for what they're going to project and need and they did not meet it by quite a bit in February.  And I mean -- and we have a board meeting and we're trying to figure out, you know, why. 

BB:                  Okay.

RL:                  Because we seen the -- we seen it come up.  We -- you know, we made a little bit more in December, which was a good month, we made a little bit more in January.  So, it was very good and then in February all of a sudden it dropped off.  So, we're trying to look at that and then we're also trying to prepare for the price of gas.  You know, are we going to have to change some marketing strategy there to get people out there to Spirit Mountain. 

BB:                  Well, I don't think some of the Elders are going to be able to afford to go anywhere if the gas gets any higher.  It costs me $55 to fill the tank on my car.  Let me see.  I've got-- oh, uh, I am on the Cultural Trust Board and I had heard that some of the people that wanted to put in grant applications were confused about the application and I'm going to be at the Elder Center tomorrow at noon -- or 11:30.  So, if there is anyone that needs some help or wants to ask me questions I will be there tomorrow.  And I'm also very happy to see that Dakota is back.  Maybe we can go forward with the people on the committee because we have someone that we want to put on our Cultural Trust Board -- on our Board and she's been sitting out there for two months and nothing is moving forward without -- without, uh, Dakota.  So, uh, I'm be very happy to see that she's back.

RL:                  Thank you, very much, Betty, because that reminds me.

UV:                 We have (unintelligible).

RL:                  Oh.

ST:                   (Unintelligible)

VS:                  I just thought we were always talking.

RL:                  We just supposed to have a two week extension on our committee since we got ready to go yesterday but we didn't have enough Council to do legislative action.  So, we'll -- we'll address it.  So --

BB:                  So, there's no committee now?

RL:                  We're ready to go and then we just didn't have enough five -- to get five signature out of legislative action.

BB:                  Okay.

RL:                  But, yeah, we're ready to go.

BB:                  Okay.  Thank you, Reyn.

RL:                  Thank you.

HL:                  Hope Lafferty, #2340.  I was just -- I had a question about the health survey.  I didn't know what the deadline was for it and I had to -- I know am I kicked off of the insurance and where can I go to get the survey or to do it?

RL:                  I think that --

HL:                  I do I have to do it here?

RL:                  I think you can -- I think it's available on line now.

VS:                  It's available on line and you can pick one up at the clinic but for you, Eric and the boys, I had -- I had Allyson send all of our family.  They're in my office now and I'll get them all -- all for (unintelligible) but for those who aren't my family you can go to the clinic.  Call Mark Johnston or Allyson LeCatsas and they will get that to you and as soon as you fill it out and send it in you're back on the insurance and (unintelligible). 

HL:                  But are we supposed to do it right now already though, right, or is it at the end of March?

VS:                  It's (unintelligible).

HL:                  Okay.  What's that mean?

CL:                  I told her just to fill it out and she'd be fine.

RL:                  Chris?

CL:                  Chris Leno, Executive Officer.  I think that basically any claims that you have are pending.  So, you're not going kicked off the plan necessarily.  The claims stay with Shasta until you get back on.  You fill out the survey and then they'll pay for it.  So, you're not really kicked off.

SS:                   Steve Soderberg, #1415.  I'd like to start by saying I agree with Brenda.  On per capita I usually have my standard humbling speech when they start to give that out to Tribal members for their per capita.  This -- I mean it -- and they usually my side once I say something to them then they, yeah, they're right they didn't mean it that way or whatever but, yeah, I know -- I know exactly who.  I just wanted to note now that we have our beautiful visitors' center built when are we going to start seeing some offices in there.  What's the plan?

VS:                  The visitors' center?

UV:                 Oh, the happy shack?.   (Laughter)

SS:                   Yeah.  Yeah.  The guard shack or whatever.  Well, there was (unintelligible).  There -- mom's calling it the guard shack and (unintelligible).


JD:                   Joani Dugger, Executive Assistant in GRTHA.  That would be the guard shack.  I have my Kevlar on so I'm all equipped here.  The guard shack, we just had a meeting today and it will have initial staffing as of this Friday.  However, we're not stopping anyone at the moment.  You will have Pro Star in the building at certain hours to be determined but they are -- we're actually working on getting their computers set up tomorrow and they will be in the building tomorrow -- or Friday. 

RL:                  Jolanda?

JC:                   Jolanda Catabay, #3424.  So, I'm speaking as a Tribal member but actually in the job that I do I just want to impress upon Council if you could please get your quorums together so that we can move regular business forward with committees and -- and meetings because I get phone calls as the enrollment person and I'm getting crazy phone calls about enrollment and I need you guys in play so we can move some of this stuff forward if you know what I mean?

VS:                  Absolutely.

JC:                   Thank you.

RL:                  We're the guys that are here.

VS:                  Yeah.  Thank you, Jolanda.

JC                    Yeah.  Well, I wanted to say something while you were trying to arrange these phone calls but, you know, that wasn't a timely thing and I thank you for being here but really  there's nine of you and I know some have to go back east but must we send four when we need five for quorum --

VS:                  Oh, you know, I --

JC:                   -- to do our day to day business.  That's my question.  

VS:                  Yes.  I don't know if I should say this or not but (unintelligible) but, yeah, I'm on it. 

RL:                  Any other business?  Hearing nor seeing any other business I'll entertain a motion  to adjourn.

TM:                 I'll move.

VS:                  Second.

RL:                  We have a first and second.  All in favor say aye.

MEMB:           Aye. (In Unison) 

RL:                  Opposed?  Abstentions?  The motion carries. 


Agenda - Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tribal Council Meeting  

Time:  5:00 p.m.  

The Tribal Council meetings are intended to be safe venues in which Tribal members, community members and guests can share their ideas, thoughts, and concerns. Please be courteous and respectful to all speakers.  



I.           Call to Order  


II.        Invocation 


III.     Roll Call/Vote on Absences        

Cheryle A. Kennedy, Chair 

Reynold L. Leno, Vice-Chair 

        Kathleen Tom, Secretary
Steven L. Bobb, Sr., Council 

Jack Giffen, Jr., Council 

Toby McClary, Council 

Chris Mercier, Council 

Valorie Sheker, Council 

Wink Soderberg, Council 


IV.    Previous Minutes - Approve/Amend: 

a.       February 16, 2011 Regular Meeting


V.     Order of Business: 


Unfinished Business: 


New Business: 

1.      General Council Agenda, March 06, 2011

            Location:  Tribal Community Center

            Time:  11:00 am to conclusion

·         Program Report:  Tribal Economic Development

·         Door Prizes $250 (1 @ $100 and 3 @ $50)

·         Canoe Journey 50/50 Raffle Drawing

2.      Legislative Action Committee

a.       Public Safety Ordinance Amendments - resolution

b.      Basic Library IMLS Grant Application - resolution

c.       ANA Language Immersion Grant Application - resolution

d.      Purchase & Acquisition of Lash Property - resolution




Other Business: