The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

Speakers Tribal Council Meeting

Governance Center

February 16, 2011



Tribal Council:

Present:              Cheryle A. Kennedy (CK); Reynold L. Leno (RL); Steven L. Bobb Jr. (SB); Toby McClary (TM); Chris Mercier (CM); Valorie Sheker (VS)

                           Tribal Council Member (TCM):

By Phone:          Kathy Tom (KT)

Late Arrival:       Jack Giffen, Jr. (JG)

Excused:            Wink Soderberg (business leave)

Invocation:         Steven L. Bobb, Sr., Tribal Council Member/Elder

Unidentified Voice:    (UV)

Council Member(s):    (MEMB)

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Other Business: (See Minutes also)

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CK:                 Cheryle A. Kennedy, Tribal Council Chairwoman.  I'll call the meeting to order.  Tonight is Wednesday, February 16th.  Steve, would you provide invocation, please?


CK:                 Thank you, Steve.  Roll call?.

SB:                  Roll call.  Cheryle Kennedy?

CK:                 Here.

SB:                  Reynold Leno?

RL:                  Here.

SB:                  Kathleen Tom?

KT:                  Here. (Via Telephone)

SB:                  Steve Bobb?  Here.  Jack Giffen, Jr.? 

CK:                 He's on business in Portland.

SB:                  Jack is on business in Portland.  Toby McClary?

TM:                 Here.

SB:                  Chris Mercier?

CM:                 Here.

SB:                  Valorie Sheker?

VS:                  Present.

SB:                  Wink Soderberg?  He is also on business. 

CK:                 Okay.  At this time I will entertain a motion to approve or amend the previous minutes from January 19th Regular Tribal Council Meeting and February 2nd Regular Tribal Council Meeting?

RL:                  I'll move.

SB:                  Second.

CK:                 A motion's been made and seconded to approve.  All in favor say aye.

MEMB:           Aye. (In Unison)

CK:                 Opposed?  Abstentions?  The minute are approved.  Order of business is to go right onto New Business.  The Legislative Action Committee met and we have six resolutions.  Steve, if you could read the resolutions.

SB:                  Okay.  Thank you, Lauri, for giving me the big prints. 

JG:                   a. Oregon Youth Conservation Corps CY2011 Summer Youth Crew Grant - resolution.  Date: 2/8/11.  Present: 8 of 9.  Recommendation: 8 yes.  The committee recommends that Tribal Council adopt a resolution 1) the approval of the grant application submission to the Oregon Youth Conservation Corps for the CY2011 for partial funding of the NRD-OYCC summer youth crew, grant not to exceed $12,000; and 2) that the Natural Resources Division Manager is authorized, with the assistance of the Tribal Attorney, to finalize and execute said grant, if said grant is awarded.

CK:                 Any comments or questions?  Hearing none is there a motion to approve?

VS:                  I'll move.

SB:                  Second.

CK:                 A motion's made and seconded.  All in favor say aye.

MEMB:           Aye. (In Unison)

CK:                 Opposed?  Abstentions?  The resolution carries.  We lost (unintelligible) on the phone.  It is taken care of. 


KT:                  Hello?

LS:                  Yes.  Kathy, this is Lauri Smith again.

KT:                  Thank you.

LS:                  You're welcome.

KT:                  I don't -- I don't know if there's a way for me to get back in touch with you if you lose me again.  Sometimes it's (unintelligible) up now so --

LS:                  Okay. 

CK:                 All right.  We are in -- we are on our second item. 

SB:                  b. Portland Harbor: Port of Portland Navigation Services Agreement - resolution.  Date: 2/8/11.  8 of 9 present.  Recommendation: 8 yes.  The committee recommends that Tribal Council adopt a resolution, 1) approving the Funding and Participation Agreement (FPA) with the Port of Portland, 2) authorizing the Tribal Council Chairwoman, or in her absence the Tribal Council Vice-Chair, to sign the FPA for the Tribe.

CK:                 Any comments or questions? Hearing none is there a motion to approve?

RL:                  I'll move.

SB:                  Second.

CK:                 A motion's been made and seconded to approve the Portland Harbor Port of Portland Navigation Services Agreement - resolution.  All in favor say aye.

MEMB:           Aye. (In Unison)

CK:                 Opposed?  Abstentions?  Resolution carries.

SB:                  c. Tribal Credit Card: Lawrence -- how do you say that name?

CK:                 Schwabe.

SB:                  Schwabe - resolution.  Date: 2/8/11.  8 of 9 present.  Recommendation: 8 yes.  The committee recommends that Tribal Council adopt a resolution approving the issuance of a Tribal credit card to be used by Lawrence Schwabe, in performance of his duties as Hydrosystem Compliance Specialist, to meet the emergency needs of the Natural Resources Division and Ceded Lands Program.

CK:                 Any comments or questions?  Is there a motion to approve?

VS:                  I'll move.

TM:                 Second.

CK:                 A motion's been made and seconded to approve the Tribal Credit Card for Lawrence Schwabe - resolution.  All in favor say aye. 

MEMB:           Aye. (In Unison)

CK:                 Opposed?  Abstentions?  The resolution carries.

SB:                  d. 2nd Amendment Eugene Satellite Office - resolution.  Date: 2/8/11.  8 of 9 present.  Recommendation: 5 yes, 3 no.  The committee recommends that Tribal Council adopt a resolution 1) approving Second Amendment to Lease with Herbert Investment Company for the office space at 711 Country Club Road, Eugene, Oregon, extending the lease term to November 28, 2011; and 2) authorizing the Tribe's Commercial Real Estate Manager, with the assistance of the Tribal Attorney, to negotiate, finalize and execute the Second Amendment to Lease.

CK:                 Any comments or questions? 

TM:                 I'd like to make a comment.

CK:                 Sure.  Toby?

TM:                 Yes.  I just want to let the membership know that I plan to oppose this resolution and I just want to explain why.  Basically we've hired a new coordinator for the Eugene area and we've given -- or the Executive Office has given directive -- a directive to that individual to come assess the community and find out what the needs are and find out what's really needed down there and what's not and if the space is -- is adequate or if the space is too big or too small and I guess my point is, is that there's another option of going month-to-month on this lease or even -- or even dropping the amount of time to nine months down to something less.  I understand with the ideas that we're potentially looking for a building to buy down there and to close on that kind of a deal would take some time and understand that.  However, I do feel like the person that we've hired to -- as the coordinator in that position will do a good job and look at ways of cutting costs and I do believe that that person will find alternative -- alternative venues to have classes and to have gatherings and make (unintelligible) in that area.  So, I'm opposing because I think that we can save money by not extending this leave.  So, I just wanted to make everybody aware of that.

CK:                 Thank you.  Is there a motion to approve?

SB:                  I'll move.

VS:                  I'll second.

CK:                 A motion's been made and seconded to approve the 2nd Amendment to the Eugene Satellite Office - resolution.  All in favor say aye.

MEMB:           Aye. (In Unison)

CK:                 Opposed?

RL:                  Aye.

TM:                 Aye.

CK:                 Abstentions?  The resolution carries. 

SB:                  e. Children & Families Ordinance Emergency Amendments - resolution.  Date: 2/15/11.  6 of 9 present.  Recommendation: 6 yes.  The committee recommends that Tribal Council adopt a resolution approving the proposed amendments to the Children and Families Ordinance on an emergency basis to be effective February 16, 2011.  The proposed amendments confirm and clarify that a child placed in a guardianship remains a ward of the Court despite the conclusion of the dependency case involving the child.

CK:                 Any comments or questions?  Is there a motion to approve?

VS:                  I'll move.

SB:                  Second.

UV:                 I have a question. 

CK:                 Oh, come to the mic.  I'm sorry. 

GH:                 Gladys Hobbs, #626.  I just have a question.  What does that mean specifically? 

CK:                 I'll refer to Kim.

KD:                 Kim D'Aquila, Assistant Tribal Attorney.  Generally when a court appoints a guardian for a child it always retains wardship, which essentially means the Court has the power to still oversee what's happening with that child.  When the new ordinance, the Children and Families Ordinance came into effect at the end of December it included some language that the court has found doesn't allow it to retain wardship.  So, that certainly wasn't the intent.  So, these amendments just make it clear that, yes, the court retains wardship over a child when the Court is appointing the guardian. 

GH:                 It's appointing a guardian or putting the child back in the family?  I think I'm confused there.

KD:                 When -- when the -- one of the things that a court can do in a dependency case and, you know, when it comes to the court through the ICW Program, is continue the child in foster care or appoint a guardian, which is a more permanent placement for the child and that these are options when return to a parent is not possible.  So, when the court does decide that's the plan it -- it might appoint a guardian for a child.  

GH:                 Okay.  So, that means then that the guardian is answerable to the court system.  Is that correct?

KD:                 That's correct.

GH:                 Thank you.  That's what I was hoping you'd say. 

CK:                 There's been a motion made and seconded.  All in favor say aye.

MEMB:           Aye. (In Unison)

CK:                 Opposed?  Abstentions?  The resolution carries.

SB:                  f. Windy Knobs Logging Unit Timber Sale - resolution.  Date: 2/15/11.  6 of 9 present.  Recommendation: 6 yes.  The committee recommends that Tribal Council adopt a resolution 1) approving the Windy Knobs Logging Unit timber sale as presented by Natural Resources staff and detailed in the attached draft resolution; 2) authorizing the Tribal Council Chairwoman, or in her absence the Tribal Council Vice-Chair, to execute the sale contract and other documents necessary to carry out the timber sale; and 3) requesting from the BIA a reduction in the advertisement period to a period of 21 days.  

CK:                 Comments or questions?   Is there a motion to approve? 

SB:                  I'll move.

VS:                  Second. 

CK:                 A motion's made and seconded to approve the Windy Knobs Logging Unit Timber Sale - resolution.   All in favor say aye.

MEMB:           Aye. (In Unison)

CK:                 Opposed?  Abstentions.  The resolution carries.  We are now at announcements and we have a few here.


CK:                 There's the City/County Dinner hosted by Chehalem Park and Recreation District, February 17, 2011.  If people will be attending that, if others plan on attending, which is tomorrow, you need to let folks know quickly. 

                         The University of Portland Conference on Foods for Thought, Issues Facing Us All, April 16th.  Arrangements need to be made.  I know Chris is planning on attending that and I may as well. 

LS:                  (Unintelligible)

                        (Chuckling)  Thank you, Lauri.


CK:                 National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) Winter Legislative Summit, March 02-03, 2011, in Washington DC.  Arrangements need to be made.  

SB:                  I think me and  Jack are going.

CK:                 Okay.  Steve and Jack. 

                        Save the Date Notice regarding 80th Birthday Celebration for Billy Frank Jr. at the Squaxin Island Tribe's Skookum Creek Event Center, Shelton, Washington, on March 12th.  More information is to follow.  So, I may -- I'll look at my calendar on -- on that date.  I think for those people who don't know Billy Frank has been a champion for making a stand concerning fishing issues and being a legend in his time.

                        The Native Wellness Institute is offering Native Leadership Training, March -- March or is that May? 

LS:                  May.

CK:                 Lauri, is that March or May?  It says May 15-17th, Salt Lake City.

LS:                  It's May.

CK:                 May.  Okay.  Arrangements need to be made.  If anyone is planning on attending that please let Lauri know. 

Community Events:

                        The Native Jam Concert Series, March 12th at our Tribal Gymnasium.

                        First Foods Celebration is March 19th at the Tribal Community Center starting at noon.  Tribal members are invited to attend and enjoy traditional foods.  For more information contact Kathy Provost at 503-857-8440.

                        The Veteran's Powwow is scheduled July 8-10th at our powwow grounds.  Contact Chris Tinney, 503-883-3610.  Grand Entry at 7:00 p.m. Friday.  Saturday, Grand Entry at 1:00 and 7:00 pm.  Sunday, Grand Entry at 1:00 pm. 

                        The Competition Powwow, our annual powwow, is scheduled to be held August 19-21st.

                        So, those are all the announcements that I have.  Does anyone else have announcements? 

TM:                 I do.

CK:                 Toby?

TM:                 I don't know if it's right now.  If you have one -- if you have one go ahead.

GH:                 Gladys Hobbs, #626.  I just wanted to say in conjunction with the  Veteran's Powwow I want to remind everybody that the Elders' Honor Day is being held at the casino on the 8th and their breakfast will be the next day at the Elder Activity Center and that will be July 9th.  Thank you. 

CK:                 Okay.  Thank you.  Toby?

TM:                 Yeah.  I'd just like to take this opportunity to clear the air on the issue and offer an apology to the membership and to the public here.  So, I've written something that I would like to read into the record as well as to those present.  I would like to address an incident that involved me at a sponsorship event in January.  There was a series of events that transpired that evening and ultimately led to me using an inappropriate tone while making a comment to another individual.  My focus tonight is to take responsibility for my actions, apologize to those who I may have offended and to ask each of the Tribal Council members, as well as the general membership, for their forgiveness.  I feel that it is important to make this public apology in an attempt that it will help you to understand that I do not take this situation lightly and I'm willing to admit when I have done wrong.  I understand my role on Tribal Council and I understand that I have a responsibility to represent this Tribe as well as each of its members.  Through a series of events that evening I became driven by emotions and I made a mistake.  I can't take back what I have done.  However if I could I would certainly handle the situation differently today.  My tone was inexcusable therefore I will not make any excuses for my behavior.  I would like the membership, as well as my cohorts, to know that the morning after the incident I made the CEO, as well as the marketing manager at Spirit Mountain Casino aware of what happened.  I also -- I also personally apologize to anyone who may have witnessed the incident.  I made the chairwoman and the vice-chairman of this Tribal Council aware as soon as I seen  them.  I have since made peace with the other individual involved and hereon good terms.  I have been forthcoming with any information asked of me and I have offered my hand in trying to resolve this issue while still taking responsibility for my actions.  I understand there's a lot of conversation with regard to this incident being had among the membership.  From what I have heard or read there are allegations that are simply not true.  However, there are truths to some of it.  I have nothing to hide and I encourage any of you that have questions to please ask me.  Obviously there will be specifics that I can't disclose but I will certainly share with you any information surrounding my involvement.  I feel and know as an official of this tribe that that is my obligation and my responsibility to all of you.  Again, I apologize for not fulfilling my responsibility to represent this Tribe and each of you to the best of my ability.  Please note that although I do not try to make mistakes often I do learn from them and have become a better person because of them.  I can assure each of you that this behavior will not be demonstrated by me again and that I will continue to represent this Tribe with the utmost respect and professionalism.  I humbly ask each of you for your forgiven.  Thank you for hearing me. 

CK:                 Thank you, Toby.  Any other announcements?  Reyn?

RL:                  Yeah.  I just have one, not on that issue, but I actually forgot to remind Steve, for those who were over at the Celebration of Life for Lottie Child yesterday it was a good turnout.  Lottie was there.  People got to speak to her.  She's got a disease and she's not doing well.  So, I think for her and her family I think we also need to have our prayers there for her and I would encourage people that you might (unintelligible) the family or (unintelligible). 

CK:                 Val?

VS:                  Yes.  I was there as well and Reyn and I cried and it was just a remarkable -- you could see that in our faces it was a remarkable events.  We thank so many people and our loved ones and dearest friends and, you know, our first question in our mind is we didn't have a chance to say how much they meant to us in our lives or things like that and to have her there to hear how much we love her and the comments that we needed to make to her and it was just an amazing feeling to be able to do that and not wish we could have done that.  So, I don't know about you, Reyn, I just thought it was totally a good -- a wonderful thing and Lottie is the best of the best.  I just thought I'd share that.

CK:                 Thank you, Val.  Thank you, Reyn.  The idea was given from Lottie herself.  She had (unintelligible) and her family do that and help her come over to the gymnasium so she could see everyone and so part of her, she thought, unfinished business and it was a wonderful event.  We are -- Lauri?

LS:                  Lauri Smith, Council Senior Administrative Assistant.  Madame Chair, I didn't know if I shouldn't identify the General Council meeting for March will be here in Grand Ronde at the Tribal Community Center and that we're making arrangements in April for a location in Portland to be determined yet but that hadn't been available at the last General Council meeting so I thought it should -- make it (unintelligible) announcement today.

CK:                 Thank you, Lauri.  March meeting here for General Council on the next (unintelligible).  We are now at Other Business.  I know that Rob Greene has something here but before he does as I say at every Other Business session this is a time for us to -- as Tribal members to present ideas, comments in a respectful manner to one another, to Tribal Council and to yourself and to keep at a minimum your comments to five minutes or less and you (unintelligible) the podium.  Chris has a -- has the gadget there and you will notice that if you're speaking if you're getting to four minutes the yellow light will go on and then the red light goes on that means five minutes are up.  So, if you would adhere to that we'd appreciate it.  Yes, Jack?

JG:                   Jack Giffen, Jr., TCM.  Before we start that I've got one more announcement because I believe this is a -- the last Council meeting before our Tribal Attorney, Rob Greene, tackles the Mt. Kilimanjaro.  He's going to climb it and he actually is going to take one of the Tribal flags and get a picture of Rob on the crest of Kilimanjaro with the Tribal flag.  I'd like all the Tribe to give him a hand.  Congratulations when (unintelligible).   (Applause) 

RG:                 Rob Greene, Tribal Attorney.  Thank you, very much.  Definitely keep me in your prayers.  It's (unintelligible) my way as I'm climbing up that mountain.  I would really appreciate it.  Thank you. 

CK:                 Thank you, Rob.  All right.  Your issue?

RG:                 I do, Madame Chair.  This is -- let me (unintelligible) on Finance.  This year when the Tribal Council approved the Tribal budget it set monies aside and put them in contingency for the payment of local counsel fees in connection with the Tribe's litigation against Interior -- or over the Cowlitz decision.  Those monies need to be moved from contingency into the off-reservation attorney fee's budget.  We need to require a resolution for that and I'd request the Council approve the resolution, which I sent you earlier this afternoon. 

CK:                 Do we have a copy of that here before us?  Do you have that, Steve or Lauri or someone for it to be read? 

RG:                 I have the whole resolution.

CK:                 Okay.

RG:                 Did you want to read the whole resolution? 

CK:                 The --

RG:                 I can certainly read the -- I'll read the -- the (unintelligible) papers off (unintelligible).  That the Tribal Council authorizes the transfer of $300,000 from the contingency budget into the off-reservation attorney fee's budget to fund the cost of the Cowlitz litigation. 

CK:                 Any comments or questions?  Is there a motion to approve? 

VS:                  I'll move.

JG:                   Second.

CK:                 A motion's made and seconded to approve the Contingency --

RG:                 Transfer resolution.

CK:                 -- Transfer resolution.  All in favor say aye.

MEMB:           Aye. (In Unison)

CK:                 Opposed?  Abstentions?  The resolution carries.  Thank you, Rob.   The floor is open. 

GH:                 Gladys Hobbs, #626.  I -- I have a coupe of issues.  One of the issues is I have a real concern about our temp pool and the way it's handled and this is not the first time this has been brought to my attention.  We have people who are bragging about owning the job before it ever gets posted and that really bothers me because sometimes they end up getting that job.  And how can they brag about having that position before it's ever been posted or applied for?  And this -- this really upsets me because it shouldn't happen.  I don't care if you're Tribal, if you're a community member, you know, I think everybody should have the same job and it shouldn't matter who you know or whatever, it just shouldn't matter, and I hate to say that at some times seems like it does and I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels that way.  And the other question is why on earth does it take so long for a temp position to be filled on a permanent basis?  I always thought that a temporary position would be 60 days or less.  It takes months for it to be posted.  I don't under -- oh, excuse me, somebody else said a couple years.  This doesn't make sense to me at all because when you're in a temporary position my understanding is you receive absolutely no benefits.  None.  You don't get insurance or any of that stuff and this to me is very wrong.  You know, I -- I keep hearing that this is a family.  Well, I'm sorry.  It is not a family.  It is a business.  I like to know that we are all family members but it is still a business.  It's no different than the business down the street and it should be conducted in the same way.  And so the temp situation is just not -- it's really not acceptable.  Now I'm going to go to something else that might -- 

CK:                 Before you --

GH:                 I'm sorry.

CK:                 Let's go ahead and give Chris an opportunity.  I know he'd like to respond.

CL:                  Chris Leno, Executive Officer.  Yeah.  On the -- on the first issue, in terms of people bragging, I guess you said that they're going to get the job the whole time.   I don't think that's a good practice on their part.  I can say from the organization's side we don't make any promises.  We don't promise permanent positions.  When they're temporary worker they are made aware that they're not permanent positions. 

GH:                 Granted --

CL:                  And -- and so -- so I understand the issue.  I don't think that, like I said, in -- in terms of myself, I work to be in that position and -- and didn't brag that I'm going to get the position permanently.  I might think that I've hurt my chances just because of the perceptions out there that they are going to get filled on a full-time basis.  So, just from the organization standpoint we're not making any promises that those positions would be open.  And in terms of the -- the second issue on the length of time, temp -- we have a temporary -- before we had a temp pool we had a temporary employee policy which some get confused with two things.  The temporary employee policy would be where we had -- and this is limited to six months is where you have a need but not a need necessarily for a full-time position or a full year's worth of work.  So, we at times appoint temporary people and limit it to six months.  The temp pool issue should not be for permanent positions.  They -- typically what would happen with those is they would fill in for somebody who maybe is on leave of absence and are meant to be short-term are no additional dollars even in the budget for those.  Those are paid out of the wage line that was actually in the Department's budgeted (unintelligible).  There are a couple positions, like the recreation coordinator, that we have billed for an extended period of time because frankly with the way budgets are we were trying to determine whether we could absorb those functions internally and not have to refill those positions.  So, there are a couple of examples of that but the norm is basically with the temp pool employees to limit those to short-term and to help fill existing vacancies for staff who are out on leave.  Now, I know that's not always the case.  The housekeepers are an example that we actually budgeted for three full-time positions rather than use a temporary employee.  So, I -- I don't know exactly where we ended up with that.  There was another option to do by part-time employees but they wouldn't be considered a temp.  They would be -- the part-time we'd advertise them as (unintelligible).

GH:                 Right.  And that makes sense.  But it has been proven that those people that brag do get the positions and this has happened in the past and I just -- I feel harmed from that.  I -- I think it's a nasty thing to have happen.  Anyway, I would like to leave that alone.  You know how I feel.  The committee -- elder committee met today and I just want to let people know there will not be a crab feed this year.  We're not going to do the crab feed simply because there's not enough time to really get into it and the longer it takes the more expensive it gets and we don't have any participation from the membership to help the committee to work these things out.  So, we may not be doing near as much as we used to simply because those on the committee are really getting tired.  And my other thing is I really -- oh, I think I might be stepping on their coat.  I would like to thank everybody that has stepped up to the plate and brought in items for the Yakima Tribe that lost 20 homes in the fire up there recently.  We had quite a bit of cooperation from the elders, from the Clothes Closet down here, possibly some from membership.  We've had clothing items donated.  We've actually had cash donated and I would just like to say a thank you to them because these people really need it.  Thank you.

CK:                 Thank you.  Violet?

VF:                  Violet Folden, #625.  And, yes, you did step on my coat.  (Chuckling)  The Clothes Closet was awesome.  They really done a good job on donating to us.  But there's two people we've got to thank and that's Dwayne and Virginia Wheeler.  They are taking all of this stuff that was donated up to Yakima for the families that did lose everything and I think that is awesome in itself.  I mean, the -- it gave me a chance to get rid of coats that I've been going to get rid of for the people in Alaska two years ago but if there was somebody here to take em I can give it to them.  The other thing and this is something that's near and dear to my heart and really upsets me tremendously and I've been hearing a lot of (unintelligible) lately.  I just -- it really makes me want to fight somebody and I'm not a fightin' person but I am so tired of hearing people -- people say, well, I'm Tribal, I come first or they can't do it because they're not Tribal.  How many of us is married to white people?  How many have in this Tribe children that we can call Tribal members and they are not -- like they don't get nothing.  It's like they're kicked in the butt because they don't belong and I think this is wrong.  We all know that we're all part white.  There ain't very many of us in this room that is not got white blood running through our veins as well as the Indian and I think it's just about time we started considering these other people.  My granddaughter won't do nothing with the Tribal kids anymore because everything she's ever wanted to do she couldn't do because she is only a descendant.  She's not a Tribal member so she can't do.  She can't work here.  She can't do nothing here.  And I'm sure everybody has a kid that has went through this or a member of their family that has and it's just so wrong.  It really breaks these kids' down and then we wonder why we have so much trouble because we'll pat one on the back and they'll turn around and just really get all the gunk and then the other one that's really, really trying they get kicked in the butt and say, oh, you go on in the other room, you don't belong and that's -- we've got to quite it.  It's got to stop.  And if we don't stop it here it's going to be a mess in the future and one day these descendants are going to be the only Tribal members we have left.  So, we've got to really step back on our feet and think about it and get something going that makes everybody feel good.  Thank you.

CK:                 Thank you, Violet.

VS:                  Thank you, Violet.  

CK:                 Yes.  Steve?

SB:                  Yeah.  Violet, I'll have to agree with you on that because I'm married to a white girl and my -- my grandkids, even though they've got quite a bit of Grand Ronde blood are light complected and have some times blond hair.  And even over here at our own gym they go over there to play basketball and there are those who are more traditional looking who I know for sure have less Grand Ronde blood than my grandkids.  They even get, you know, kind of singled out because they don't look Native American.  So, I understand exactly how you feel.  I know they get frustrated, you know, because they are saying that, you know, this gym belongs to us and not you people but really my grandkids probably have more Grand Ronde blood than the ones that are actually saying that -- just because their complexion is lighter and their hair is lighter.

CK:                 Thank you, Steve.

BD:                 Robert "Bob" Duncan, Spouse of Tribal member Julie Duncan.  Madame Chairman, Council, may I speak?

CK:                 Yes. 

BD:                 What I wanted to ask, uh, I understand that we have a budget like $700,000 -- well, the Tribe does anyway, a budget of $700,000 for this storage over here and I got digging around a little bit and I told the wife, I said, you know, we stored our stuff over in McMinnville for about a year before we started building our house.  They have a really nice setup over there.  And so I made a call, I think the fellah's name is Jason, he's supposed to get back to me and it's two years old now but he was going to give me an idea of what it cost him to build some of those places they have over there.  He said something about, uh, it was a kit that they received and they -- he built it himself.  So, I -- I believe we can build a heck of a nice set-up over there for $700,000.  And so with your permission and get back to stuff like this I'd like to get back to him on what he said it cost him to build and how many units and stuff, you know, there was and give you an idea because I think possibly we're looking for work for Tribal people.  We have two people in the Housing Authority over there that are builders that work there.  They could oversee some things and perhaps we could hire some of the people that are needing work to build this facility.  It's pretty much metal and -- and it just screws together and these buildings that they have over there at least one of them is climate controlled and things like this as well, which are really nice. 

CK:                 Thank you, Don -- or Bob.  You know one of the things I was looking for Titu but he --

CL:                  He had to be in Portland at 6 o'clock.  So, he -- he came in for about 10 minutes and then had to leave.  

CK:                 I think that we hadn't talked about the storage unit for quite a while and then we said that it could possibly be economic development and wondered -- but anyhow I just wanted to give you that feedback. 

CL:                  Yeah.  We can talk to Titu about it.  I think -- can talk about it and get the information and maybe we can sit down with Titu and talk.  He -- we kind of worked on that up there and (unintelligible) so -- but we'd be glad to pass that along.

CK:                 Jack?

JG:                   Yeah.  I'd just like to announce to the membership the reason I was late, I was attending a -- a DEQ meeting and had (unintelligible) talked to Water Quality in Portland and actually would have made it here on time except there was about two and a half inches of hail as you just (unintelligible) out of Newberg and, I mean, traffic was just sittin'.  (Laughter)  But otherwise I would have made it on time. 

CK:                 I want to thank Jack for attending that on my behalf.  I was scheduled to do that and there's no way I could get back here.  So, he covered for me.  Thank you, Jack. 

CM:                 Unexcused.  (Laughter)

CK:                 Is there a motion to adjourn?

VS:                  I'll move.

JG:                   Second.

CK:                 A motion's made and seconded to adjourn.  All in favor say aye.

MEMB:           Aye. (In Unison)

CK:                 Opposed?  Abstentions?  Thank you.