Wednesday, September 18, 2013   
I. Affiliated Tribes of the Northwest Indians Annual Convention
 Location:  Worley, Idaho
 Attorney General's Native American Issues Subcommittee Meeting
 Location:  Celilo Village, Oregon
 BPA Acting Administrator Elliot Mainzer Meet & Greet
 Location:  Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

II. Call to Order / Invocation / Morning Roll Call
 Reynold L. Leno, Chairman  Jon A. George, Council Member Ed Pearsall, Council Member
 Jack Giffen, Jr., Vice-Chairman  Denise Harvey, Council Member June Sherer, Council Member
 Toby McClary, Secretary Cheryle A. Kennedy,  Council Member Kathleen Tom, Council Member

III. Item(s) from Chair and Tribal Council    Cancelled due to a Councilman's Personal Emergency
 9:00 a.m. to 9:25 a.m.

IV. Agenda
 a. Legislative Action Committee  
Cancelled due to a Councilman's Personal Emergency
    9:25 a.m. to Conclusion
   Consent Items:  Directives Introduced
   SMCF Board of Trustee Positions Appointments
   Tribal Council Ordinance Amendments

V. Law/Legal Planning Group - Liaison Notice
VI. Lunch

VII. Elders Committee Regular Meeting - Liaison Notice
 Location:  Elders' Activity Center   Time:  1:00 p.m. to Conclusion CANCELLED

VIII. Ceded Lands/Natural Resources Planning Group - Liaison Notice CANCELLED
IX. Spirit Mountain Community Fund Grantee Check Presentations
 Location:  Tribal Council Chambers/Governance Atrium  Time:  1:30 p.m. to Conclusion

X. Tribal Member Meeting Request - Executive Session CANCELLED