Special Tribal Council Meeting
Thursday, October 22, 2015
Time:  11:45 A.M.

• The Tribal Council meetings are intended to be safe venues in which Tribal members, community  members and guests can share their ideas, thoughts, and concerns. Please be courteous and  respectful to all speakers.
• Official recordings of Council meetings (indicating whether or not they have been edited) will be  made available to Grand Ronde Tribal members upon request.  Members are asked to contact Tribal  Council’s Chief of Staff to obtain meeting recording/filming at a cost of $5 each.  Except for  official recordings made by the Tribe, no photos, audio or video recording of Council meetings  will be permitted.

I. Call to Order /Invocation

II. Roll Call/Vote on Absences 
 Reynold L. Leno, Chairman
 Jack Giffen, Jr., Vice-Chairman
 Cheryle A. Kennedy, Secretary
 Jon A. George, Council
 Tonya Gleason, Council
 Denise Harvey, Council 
 Chris Mercier, Council
 Ed Pearsall, Council
     Brenda Tuomi, Council
III. Order of Business

 New Business:
 1. Legislative Action Committee
  a. Amendment of Tribal Constitution Enrollment Requirements - resolution


Special Tribal Council Meeting
Expanded Summary of Agenda Items
Date:  October 22, 2015

New Business:
1. Legislative Action Committee
 a. Amendment of Tribal Constitution Enrollment Requirements - resolution
 The agenda item today deals with a proposed Constitutional Amendment.  Specifically, whether the  Tribal Council should adopt a resolution (1) requesting that the Secretary of the Interior  authorize the calling of an election to amend the Tribe’s Constitution to remove the parent on the  roll requirements for membership and (2) instructing the Tribal Attorney to submit a resolution  and this proposed amendment to the Tribe’s Constitution to the Secretary of the Interior for the  calling of an election in accordance with her rules and regulations and the Constitution.