COVID-19 Preparedness

Tests Completed: 191     Negative Tests: 190     Positive Tests: 0     Tests Waiting on Results: 1

*These numbers represent tests taken at the Clinic.  This information will be updated by 10am Mon-Fri.

If you suspect or have symptoms (fever, cough, sneezing)  and/or flu-like symptoms, please do not enter the Health & Wellness Center! To help limit possible exposure to others, please contact the receptionist at: (503) 879-2032 for triage and alternative entrance.

Staying Safe & Healthy at Work

Tribal Leaders and staff have been discussing the best ways to reopen the government in a safe and healthy manner. We’re happy to announce that we will be begin the reopening process of the Tribal Government (and Tribal Government only) on Monday, May 18th. The process will occur in three phases and include changes to Tribal Operations that are designed to protect staff and the public. 

Phase 2 Reopening

We’re happy to announce that the Tribal Government is moving into Phase 2 of reopening on Monday, June 15th. More services will be available but people are asked to call in advance for an appointment.

Immediate family members may now use certain outdoor facilities as long as social distancing guidelines are followed. Outdoor facilities opening include the basketball court (housing), day use parks and the baseball field. Please limit gatherings to 25 people or less and follow the same guidance as phase one. Housing play grounds will remain closed. Please contact Facilities regarding the day use parks and the baseball field.

Click here to review the plan

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COVID-19 Relief Payment Program

On March 18th the Tribe passed Resolution No. 101-20 declaring a state of emergency due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak in the United States and the State of Oregon. This outbreak threatens the safety and well-being of the Tribe and our members and Tribal Council must act to protect the social and economic well-being of Tribal members. Tribal Council has established the COVID-19 Relief Payment Program for Tribal Members. The purpose of the Program is to establish a general welfare payment to Tribal Members which will help offset the financial impacts to members from the COVID-19 pandemic.

UPDATE May 27, 2020:

Tribal Council has directed the Finance Department and the Executive Staff to prepare a supplemental budget that would allow the Tribe to extend assistance to Tribal Members under the COVID-19 Payment Relief Program. The supplemental budget will use 8.1 million dollars from the Tribe’s CARES Act funding from the Department of. Treasury and will allow the Tribe to distribute three, $600.00 payments to adult Tribal Members. There will be one payment at the end of June, one payment at the end of July and one payment at the end of August. The budget will be posted in the coming days.

UPDATE MAY 7, 2020:

We recognize that many of our Tribal Members We recognize that many of our Tribal Members are struggling during these challenging times. Therefore, Tribal Council has authorized staff to proceed with a supplemental budget for 1.9 million dollars.  If approved, these funds will do two things. First, it will allow the Tribe to distribute an additional $400.00 to adult Tribal Members under the Tribe’s COVID-19 Payment Relief Program; a program aimed at protecting the social and economic well-being of our members during the COVID-19 crisis. Second, it will add $100,000.00 to the Emergency Assistance program administered by Social Services. The supplemental budget will be voted on at a special Tribal Council meeting on May 21.

The Grand Ronde family is not limited by state or national borders. Our goal is to get assistance to Tribal Members no matter where they live and we hope that these actions will help our membership navigate these uncertain times.

There have been cases reported in Polk County, Yamhill and Marion County. We do not have reason to believe that these cases have been associated or have had contact with the Tribe or the Community.

However, Tribal staff from Tribal Government, Spirit Mountain Casino, Health and Wellness and Emergency Preparedness are working closely with Yamhill County Public Health and the Oregon Health Authority to develop a response to a possible outbreak. Prevention, education and precautionary tactics are the Tribe’s top priority and have been developed to support the detection and prevention of virus spread.

Symptoms: - Symptoms of novel coronavirus are—fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat and a loss of sense of smell or taste. Symptoms could appear in as few as 2 days or as long as 14 days after exposure.

Prevention: - The best way to prevent exposure or the spread of coronavirus is with frequent handwashing, avoiding touching eyes, nose or mouth, avoiding contact with people who are sick, staying home while sick and avoiding contact with others, and covering your mouth and nose with tissue and sleeve when coughing or sneezing.

Patients who believe they have been exposed to the virus should call the Clinic at (503) 879-2032 for escort inside. This will help limit possible exposure to staff and patients.


Volunteers Needed

The CDC recommends that everybody wear a mask when they venture outside of their homes for groceries, doctor visits, or other essential travel. We are asking for volunteers that can make face masks that we can distribute to our elders, our staff still serving the community, our community members and our families. While they are not 100% protection against COVID-19, they can help keep everyone healthy and safe.
  • Patterns and instructions for masks can be found online.
  • We will be receiving masks from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. They can be dropped off in our designated drop off locations - the Community Center, Tribal Governance, and the Tribal Clinic.
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Emergency Assistance for Tribal Members

The Tribe’s Social Services Department continues to provide emergency rental/housing assistance and emergency utility assistance for Tribal Members during this challenging time. The Tribe is looking to serve as many Tribal Members as possible and has made some exceptions to some of its normal policies in response to COVID-19 impacts and is monitoring services that are available in surrounding counties. Tribal Members should call Social Services and explain their needs so staff can assist and refer Tribal Members to the appropriate resources.

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE CONTACT: Tammy Garrison at 503-879-2077.