2020 Advisory Votes

Following Tribal Council Elections, Tribal Council held a work session on September 23, 2020 to discuss the advisory votes and potential paths forward.

Question #1: Should the Tribe move forward with a Constitutional Amendment removing parent on the roll at the time of birth ad a requirement for Enrollment?
YES: 781. (58.634%)
NO: 551. (41.366%)

Overview: Addressing this issue would require a Constitutional Amendment. Constitutional amendments require:
1) a separate election by the Bureau of Indian Affairs,
2) voter registration,
3) 30% voter turnout for the election, and
4) be passed at a 2/3 threshold, not a simple majority.

Tribal Council believes this issue is important within the community. They feel it requires more attention as well as a larger educational effort. Therefore, we will be looking to put a plan together in 2021 that will work with the tribal membership to explore this issue.

Question #2: Should the Tribe consider building a walking path to the Casino from Grand Meadows?
YES: 763. (56.560%)
NO: 586. (43.440%)

Overview: Tribal Council decided to explore this option further. The following are next steps:
1) Staff will begin researching the feasibility of the project.
2) Limited funds for the feasibility work will be allocated in the 2021 budget.
3) Staff will research potential grant opportunities for the project.

Question #3: Should the Tribe increase our investment in environmental stewardship?
YES: 775. (58.446%)
NO: 551 (41.554%)

Overview: Tribal Council decided to explore this option further. It will entail a number of planning efforts that may include, but are not limited to: additional energy assessments, investments in environmentally friendly products, and a review of existing policies and ordinances. Other potential actions include developing a working group to make recommendations to Council and staff.

Question #4: Should the Tribe consider allowing electronic voting?
YES: 566 (42.144%)
NO: 777 (57.856%)

FAILED. Tribal Council will not move this item forward.

Question #5: Should the Tribe evaluate establishing a childcare center in Grand Ronde?
YES: 826 (61.596%)
NO: 515 (38.404%)

Overview: Council will be moving this project forward. The CY2021 included funds to evaluate the feasibility of this project. More information will come available as the evaluation moves forward.