COVID-19 Testing & Tracing

503-879-2032 | Available Testing Locations

COVID Testing: Patients who are showing symptoms or believe they have been exposed to the virus or should call the Clinic at (503) 879-2032 for triage and further instruction.




Positive COVID-19 Test Results:

A positive COVID-19 test means that the individual tested has an active COVID-19 infection.  They may or may not be showing symptoms but need to follow the CDC guidelines for self quarantine and isolation. Available Testing Locations


Negative COVID-19 Test Results:

A negative COVID-19 test means a person was not infected at the time of the test or that they were too early in the infection for a positive result.  A negative result does not mean that an individual can't get sick.  An individual could be exposed after the test and then become infected with COVID-19.  An additional test would need to be administered to determine a later infection. Available Testing Locations




COVID-19 Contact Tracing Information


Individuals that have been exposed to COVID-19 will be contacted by a health professional through contact tracing. Click here to learn more about contact tracing.