Tribal Sponsorship Program now accepting applications

03.01.2022 By: The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

Tribal Sponsorship Program

We are accepting applications for ALL of the Tribal Sponsorship programs until 5:00pm on Saturday April 30th.  Any completed applications received before this deadline will be reimbursed.  Any applications received after this date will NOT be funded.  IF you have already received this funding you are not eligible.

The Tribal Sponsorship Program is offered to aid Tribal members in accessing reimbursement funding to address the following needs: Emergency Preparedness and Energy Generation, Health and Fitness, Healthy Foods, and Technology. Tribal Sponsorship can be used on items like emergency meal kits, portable power stations, generators, batteries, emergency survival backpacks, water filtration systems, solar equipment, etc. Applicants will need to provide copies of receipts with the application verifying the purchase you will be requesting reimbursement for. This program is a limited duration program and will end once the funding has been exhausted.

If you owe a debt from any of the COVID-19 programs offered in 2021 you are NOT eligible to apply.

Reimbursable Categories (household is defined as one per physical address)

  • Emergency Preparedness and Energy Generation - $300 per household, CTGR member applicant must be 18 or older.
  • Healthy Foods - $300 per household, CTGR member applicant must be 18 or older. 
  • Health and Fitness - $300 per CTGR member. 
  • Technology - is a one-time allowance. If you have received previously received the technology funding you are NOT eligible to receive it again.
    • $500 CTGR Elder
    • $500 CTGR member student
    • $200 CTGR member non elder and non-student