Higher Education Programs

The Higher Education Programs provide a comprehensive offering of Educational services to Tribal members. These services include funding for GED testing, full or part time college level courses, vocational training and personal enrichment opportunities.

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GED / High School Completion

This program provides assessment, instruction, and funding to members of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde sixteen years of age or older who are seeking a GED, High School Completion, or Basic Skill Development. The program also coordinates a variety of cultural classes.

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Part Time College Program

This program assists adult members of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde while attending post-secondary schooling, generally on a part-time basis, at accredited colleges and universities. Participating students can be pursuing associates, bachelors or graduate-level degrees, or simply taking coursework for their own enrichment.

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Full Time College Program

This program provides funding to Grand Ronde Tribal members pursuing an Vocational Degree or Certificate, Associate, Bachelor, or Graduate Degree on a full time basis from a nonprofit regionally accredited institution. All educational institutions are subject to review and approval by the Education Division prior to providing funding.

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Non Credit Program

This program assists Grand Ronde Tribal members in obtaining funding for employment related skill development and training, cultural enrichment, and personal and professional development through classroom instruction, seminars, workshops, conferences, apprenticeships, certification or licensing programs, and accredited vocational colleges and universities.

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