3-on-3 Basketball Tournament Rules

UPDATED Rules (7/29/15)



Number of Players

  • Games are played with 3 players

  • Games my start with 2 players

  • Maximum of 4 players on a roster

  • Any number of players may complete the game (3,2, or 1)

Game Times

  • Team not ready to play at the scheduled game time will be given a 5-minute grace period before a forfeit is enforced

Possession/Jump Ball

  • A coin toss will determine the first possession of the game; alternating possessions thereafter.

  • Home team captain calls ‘heads’ or ‘tails’ while the coin is in the air.

  • No jump balls—possession will alternate after initial coin toss


  • Inside the 19’ are –1 pt, outside are –2 pts

  • Free throws –1 pt

  • Games are played the first team to 20 points (wins by 1)

  • Game time is 20 minutes running clock

  • If at the end of regulation time no team has scored 20 points, the team leading will be declared the winner


  • If the score is tied after time has expired, overtime will be played

  • In overtime, the first team to score 2 points wins

  • A coin toss will determine the first possession in overtime

  • No timeouts during overtime


  • Fouls including offensive fouls result in one free throw, except on successful field goals, in which case the basket counts and no free throw is awarded

  • When fouled on a 2 pt. attempt, 2 free throws will be given

  • No one will line up to rebound free throws

  • After free throw attempt (make or miss) there is a change of possession

  • During free throw attempt(s) clock doesn’t stop

Final Two Minutes

  • The 5 second rule is in affect (offense must shoot, dribble, or pass after 5 seconds to avoid stalling)

  • When shooting free throws, the shooter has 10 seconds to shoot once they receive the ball from the official

Key Violations

  • There will be NO “3 sec. I the key” violations


  • No visible jewelry of any kind – must be taped. No studded rings, this is a safety issue


Intentional/Flagrant/Technical Fouls

An intentional foul results in one free throw and possession of the ball

A flagrant foul results in one free throw (or two if a 2 pt. attempt), possession of the ball and the ejection of the player committing the foul

  • Technical fouls are 2 shoots & keep possession

  • 2 team unsportsmanlike technical fouls receives tournament ejection


  • Substitutions may be made during any dead ball situation

  • Each team is allowed 1 one-minute timeout. Clock stops during timeout

  • No timeout during overtime

Ball Out-of-Bounds/Check-In

  • The ball must be “checked” by the opposing player after all dead ball situations at the top of the key, including a ball out of bounds

  • To begin play the ball must be passed from behind the 2 point arc.

Change of Possession

  • The ball will change possession after every made basket

  • The ball must be passed or dribbled back to behind the 2 point arc after each change of possession, regardless of whether or not a shot was attempted or a shot hit the rim. Failure to do so results in loss of possession and may made baskets

  • Taking-it back means all three points (ball and two feet) are behind the 2 point arc.


  • No dunking is allowed during warm-ups or during the game. Violations result in a technical foul – 2 free throws and retain possession

Player Injury

  • In case of injury, notify the court supervisor. If play has stopped because of injury, the player must be removed from the game at least until the next dead ball situation

  • If a player has lost consciousness during the game, they will not be allowed to continue play.