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TERO Certified Indian Owned Business (IOB) List

IOB Application

Construction List


Advanced Native Construction 

General Construction - All structures. New Construction & Remodel.

Owner: Steve Duane Mason 

Contact: 503-269-9666 | Ancsteve@Gmail.com


Agency Creek Contract Cutting LLC

Commercial Hand Felling, Residential tree removal, Limbing, Stump grinding, Land and brush clearing, Thinning and pre-commercial thinning

Owners: Jeramy Trammell, Travis Trammell 

Contact: 971-267-6198 | 971-241-6249 | jeramytrammell@icloud.com



Management services, Environmental services 

Owner: Herbert Fricke

Contact: 503-253-5429 | Terry.hosaka@akana.us| www.Akana.us


All-Ways Excavating USA, LLC

Excavation, Site-work, Underground utilities, Bridge work 

Owner: Gregory Wing 

Contact: 503-982-3544 | Greg@allwaysx.com


Bishop & Sons Excavating, LLC

Demo buildings, Brush clearing, Brush mowing, Excavation, Logging, Pipe & Culvert install

Owner: Nicholas Bishop 

Contact: 971-267-0393 | Bishopandsonexcavating@gmail.com


Cates & Erb Inc.

General Contractor, Dirt Work, Road Construction, Site Work, Demolition, Stream Restoration

Owner: Robert Erb

Contact: 509-826-4752 | Catesanderb@ncidata.com


Cearley Construction LLC

Construction, Excavation, Commercial Tenant Improvements, Residential Builder 

Owner: Jeremy Cearley 

Contact: 503-984-1147 | Jeremy@cearleyconstruction.com


CG Contractors LLC

Pipe Work, Excavation, Concrete 

Owner: Charles D. Gleason Jr. 

Contact: 503-559-2203 | 503-559-1859 | Buddy@CGContractorsllc.com



Clean Cut Contracting 

Roofing, General Contracting 

Owner: Aubrey Rose Leno

Contact: 503-509-3656 | cleancutllc@protonmail.com

Coastal Valley Brush Clearing, LLC

Conservation, Restoration, Reforestation, Agriculture, Field Mowing, Brush Clearing, Tree Planting, Tree Thinning, Roadside Brushing, Fire Lines, Fuel Breaks, Hazzard Fuel Reduction, Trail Maintenance & Building, Forestry, Mulching, Disking & Tilling.

Owner: Logan Kneeland

Contact: 503 583-5514 |9524 Raven Loop Grand Ronde, OR 97347| coastalvalleyservicesGR@gmail.com


Darren Risseeuw Trucking, LLC

General Construction, General Excavation, Septic Installation and Repair, Site Development, All Underground Utility Installation and Repair, Brush Clearing, Road Repair, Road Building, Road Clearing & Land Clearing. Dump Trucking, Gravel Delivery, Driveway Building, Dirt Hauling. 

Owners: Kelsey Risseeuw, Darren Risseeuw

Contact: 971-237-7790 | Risseeuwtruckingllc@gmail.com


Emhoolah Trucking

Dump Trucking, Belly Dump, Water Trucking, End Dump, Paving, Truck & Pup Dump Trucking, Certified Heavy Equipment Operator 

Owners: Mike Emhoolah, Mary Emhoolah 

Contact: 541-553-1910


Eugene William Construction 

Road Building, Dirt Excavation, Embankment, Site Work, Flatwork, Retaining Walls

Owner: Kelly Ibabao 

Contact: 541-553-1910 | Kelly@Ewconstructionllc.com


Hofenbredl Timber, LLC

Timber Harvesting, Logging, Timber Cutting, Log Hauling, Brush Piling, Road Building, Dump Truck, Excavator, Backhoe Services

Owner: Larry J. Hofenbredl 

Contact: 503-879-5000 | 503-580-4900 | Hof.Timber@yahoo.com


Interstate Electric

Residential & Commercial Electrical 

Owner: Jeremy Haller 

Contact: 503-393-2233 | 503-910-0853 | Hallerinterstate@gmail.com


K&B Excavating LLC

Construction, Pipe Installation, Road & Driveway Repair, Home & Residential Work, Demolition 

Owner: Kevin Rariden

Contact: 541-602-9166 | Wewildigitforyou@yahoo.com| Kevinrariden@yahoo.com


Kent Thomas Construction

General & Commercial Contractor

Owner: Kent Thomas

Contact: 760-216-3700 | thomas5250@icloud.com


Kevin Hofenbredl Trucking

Long Log & Pole Hauling, Short Log Hauling, Excavator, Brush Cutting

Owner: Kevin Hofenbredl

Contact: 503-931-5934 | Khofenbredltrucking@gmail.com


L Wilson Construction, LLC

All Phases Construction 

Owner: Keith Lee Wilson 

Contact: 971-237-3704 | Itsmemole85@aol.com


LeClair Painting & Designs LLC

Painting, Janitorial, Small Construction Jobs

Owners: Scott LeClair, Patricia LeClair 

Contact: 503-851-2756 | 503-851-2999 | Scottie_97301@yahoo.com


Marc Anderson, P.E.

Water Resources & Environmental Engineering Consulting Services, Water Right Qualification, Final Proofs, Transfers, Mapping, Permitting

Owner: Marc Anderson 

Contact: 503-482-5300 | Marcbowlegs@gmail.com


Minahan Cutting, Inc. 

Contract Timber Felling, Logging, Forestry Based Construction 

Owner: Trinity Minahan 

Contact: 503-949-1506 | Minahancutting@hotmail.com


MMP Piping Inc. - Industrial Construction 

Piping, Plumbing, Industrial & Commercial Jobs 

Owners: Doug Parazoo, Robert Parazoo 

Contact: 503-394-3067 | 503-932-9670 | piping@smt-net.com


Momentum Procurement Group 

Office-Hotel-Casino-Restaurant-Gaming Furniture, Office Supplies, Xerox Copiers 

Owner: Janie Elizabeth Millican

Contact: 503-597-2007 | Jmillican@mpg-us.com


Nativewest Corp.

ESB/MBE/DBE certified General Contractor providing solutions to Aerospace and Defense Sector, Government Infrastructures, Hydro, Parks and Recreation

Owner: Bradley Senner

Contact: 503-706-9593 | Bsenner@nativewest.biz


Osage Electrical Contractors, Inc. 

Electrical Contractor, Data, Surveillance, Access Control, Specializing in Casino Environment

Owner: Matt Hicks

Contact: 580-761-8161 | mhicks@osageelectric.com


Pittman Plumbing & Heating LLC 

Plumbing and Heating

Owner: Joshua Pittman 

Contact: 503-910-1360 | Josh@Pittmanplumbing.com


R&D Construction Company & Daughter, LLC

Site Development, Earthwork, Site Preparation, Water & Sewer, New Road Building, & Repair, Trucking, Heavy & Civil Engineering

Owner: Dana Patawa Minthorn

Contact: 541-429-2117 | dpm987@hotmail.com



R&J Painting

Interior & Exterior Painting 

Owner: Robert Haller 

Contact: 503-302-9833 | Randjpaintingllc@yahoo.com


Red Plains Professional Inc. 

Civil Engineering Design, Transportation and Community Planning, Construction Management

Owner: Mark Farris

Contact: 405-341-4031 | Engineer@Red-plains.com


RJR Construction, Inc. 

General Contractor Residential & Commercial 

Owner: Russell Wilkinson 

Contact: 503-661-4685 | Russell@Rjrconstructioninc.com


RJS Construction, Inc. 

General Contractor, General & Design Build Construction 

Owner: Shannon Sevigny 

Contact: 509-452-0857 | Shannon@Rjsconst.com

Soaring Bird Solutions, LLC

Professional HR & Organization Consulting Firm providing services primarily in Indian Country. 

Owner: Karla Bylund

Contact: 505-553-5138 | Soaringbirdsolutions@gmail.com


Square W, LLC

Managed technology provider: Networks, Servers, Licensure, Cloud Infrastructure, Computer Management, VoIP Phone Systems, Custom Technology Infrastructure Solutions.

Owner: Joshua C. Wilson

Contact: 503-217-4244 | Email: Josh@Squarew.net | Website:  SquareW.net


Stan's Clearing Services, LLC

Field Mowing, Brush Clearing, Scotch Broom & Blackberry Removal, Road & Trail Brushing Backhoe & Tractor Work 

Owner: Stanford Kneeland

Contact: 503-302-8053 | Stankneeland1958@gmail.com


Stotts Construction Company

General Contracting, Residential & Commercial, Roofing, Framing & Siding 

Owner: Darlene Stotts 

Contact: 503-318-5366 | Darlene@Stottsconstruction.net


Strong Horse Construction 

Remodels, Fencing, Roofing, Gazebos, Pole Buildings, Storage Building 

Owner: Jan Reibach 

Contact: 971-241-2903 | Stronghorseconstruction@hotmail.com


Wenaha Group, Inc. 

Construction Project Management, General Contracting for Civil Projects

Owner: Robert Quaempts 

Contact: 253-433-3995 | info@wenahagroup.com| Karim@wenahagroup.com

White Shield, Inc. 

Land Surveying, Mapping & Environmental Services, Geomatics 

Owner: Stuart Fricke 

Contact: 509-547-0100 | www.Whiteshield.com| sfricke@whiteshieldinc.com


Non-Construction List 



Beartracks NDN

Traditional art & Clothing

Owner: Bobby Mercier

Contact: 503-474-7094 | tutuchwinnas44@gmail.com


Cinnamon Fox Creations

Native American Crafts & Mixed Media Art Hand Drums, Beadwork, Regalia, Leather Purses, Medicine Bags, Deer Leg Bags. Glass, Acrylic on canvas, Mosiac

Owner: Camille Mercier

Contact: 503-474-7837 | xchancex@aol.com | SMC Gift Shop 


DSC Native Creations 

Handcrafted items, Ceramic, Wood burning, Turning pens. 

Owner: David Clark 

Contact: 541-921-3100 | dlclark1474@gmail.com | SMC Gift Shop 




T-shirt Printing, Non-Illuminated Signage, Screen printing, Digital Message Centers, Electrical Signage (Neon) 

Owner: Billy Bobb

Contact: 503-801-4821


Rock House Art

Handmade Arts & Crafts (Commissions are welcome with your favorite colors)

Owner: Shawn Geers

Contact: 503-349-0050 | Pcrockhouseart@gmail.com



Sweet Rain Creations, LLC

Design & Sell Native American Jewelry.

Owner: Reina Nelson 

Contact: 971-900-3511 | reina@sweetraincreations.com



Glass artist, mainly fused glass but do work in other glass methods from time to time

Owner: Terry Thomas 

Contact: 734-643-8908 | info@tlt-art.com