Trask Hunting 2023

Grand Ronde Trask Management Tag Drawing 

Thank you for your interest in applying for the opportunity to hunt Grand Ronde’s Trask Management Tags. In accordance with the Consent Decree signed in 1986, Grand Ronde receives a limited amount of Trask Management Unit tags to distribute to its membership. To ensure as many Tribal Members have the opportunity to hunt and that tags are distributed in a fair and consistent manner, the Tribe utilizes a random draw and has developed application rules. Failure to follow the rules outlined below will result in applications being denied.


Hunt Categories and Seasons:

Applicants may apply for one Season in each Category. One Male Elk, One Control Damage Elk, One Bow or Muzzleloader Deer, and One Control Damaged Doe season. Hunters submitting multiple applications for hunt categories, such as applying for both male elk bow and 1st season tags, will result in all 2023 Trask tag applications being ineligible for that hunter.

  • BEAR (Black Bear)
  • MALE ELK (BOW, 1ST Season,  2ND Season) - ELK HUNTERS must choose one season to apply, Bow, 1st or 2nd Season. Applications submitted for multiple Elk seasons will result in all applications being ineligible.
  • CONTROL/DAMAGE ELK - ELK HUNTERS you must choose one season to apply: SE Trask, West Trask #1, West Trask #2, Panther Creek, Trask, NE Trask Muzzleloader, NE Trask#1, NE Trask#2, Central Trask #1, Central Trask #2. Applications submitted for multiple Control/Damage Elk seasons will result in all applications being ineligible. For paper applications, you must specify the Season Name of the season you are applying for on your application under Season Name.
  • DEER TAGS (BOW/Muzzleloader) - You must choose one season to apply, BOW or Muzzleloader. Applications submitted for both seasons will result in all applications being ineligible.
  • COAST BUCK – no application needed. First come first serve.
  • CONTROL DAMAGE DOE - Any licensed Tribal member may apply.

Youth Tags

  • Any licensed Tribal member between the ages of 11-17 may apply. Youth 13 and under, MUST BE ACCOMPANIED by a licensed adult at least 21 years of age unless hunting on property owned by the parents or legal guardian.
  • Youth Hunters 11 years of age may apply. However, they must turn 12 by the “Last Day to PICK UP TAG” deadline and possess a CTGR issued License. All youth must have completed their Hunter’s Safety Certificate before a tag will be issued. Be prepared to present all documentation when picking up the tag.
  • Youth may also apply for all adult tags as described above in addition to the youth only hunts. All rules apply.
  • Youth MAY NOT hunt with youth hunt tags when they turn 18 years of age. Example, applies for Youth Upper Tualatin Trask tag (Hunt dates 12/9-12/31), is awarded tag when 17, receives tag, turns 18 December 15. This tag would no longer be hunted by that youth after December 15.

To enter our random draw you must:

  1. Be an enrolled Grand Ronde Tribal Member
  2. Have a Hunting and Fishing License issued by the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde
  3. Apply by the application deadline Friday, July 7 2023 at 5:00PM

If an applicant fails to fill out the applications in its entirety, does not have an issued license, or files duplicates applications, all applications will be ineligible for the hunt or all hunts applied.


How to Apply

Fill out the application

There are now two options for applying, online or paper but you may not do both. Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde hunting licenses are issued at the Natural Resources Department. Tribal Enrollment Cards and Hunter Safety Certificates (if applicable) are required at time of licensing.

If you have any questions, please call 503-879-2424 or email us at

Application rules and general guidelines:

  • Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde hunting licenses are required before submitting applications, this includes Youth 11 and older.
  • Hunt Applications must be in BLUE OR BLACK INK, be legible, and signed and acknowledged in all designated spaces by the applicant.
  • Lost tags will not be replaced. It is the hunter’s responsibility to keep all tags in a safe and secure place.
  • Under no circumstances will a tag be issued without all of the proper documentation. Proper documentation is: Tribal issued Hunting and Fishing license AND Grand Ronde issued Tribal ID Card or Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) AND Hunters Safety Certificate if applicable.

If picking up for others, please notify Natural Resources prior to pick up. Please be advised, the Tribal issued Hunting and Fishing license AND Grand Ronde issued Tribal ID Card AND Hunters Safety Certificate (if applicable) will be required when picking up a tag for others. NO Exceptions.