Cheryle A. Kennedy

Cheryle A. Kennedy


My name is Cheryle Ann (Allen) Kennedy.

I was born in the springtime on April 3rd prior to Termination.

I come from a family of weavers, beaders, carvers, gatherers, fishermen and hunters.

I am serving my fifth term on Tribal Council for a total of 12 years. Of the 12 years, I have served 10 years as the Chairwoman.

Other political actions include:

  • Commissioner on the Commission on Indian Services appointed by the Oregon Legislature;
  • Appointed member on the Department of Health & Human Services Secretary Tribal Advisory Committee;
  • Board member on the West Valley Hospital Foundation Board;
  • Board member on the Willamette Heritage Area Coalition Board;
  • Board member on the Oregon Business Association Board of Directors;
  • Delegate to the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board;
  • Member of the Affiliated Tribes of the Northwest Indians;
  • Member of the National Congress of American Indians;
  • Serving as Tribal Council liaison to the CTGR Culture Committee and Health Committee;
  • Appointed by Governor of Oregon to serve on the Federal Laws Committee of the Oregon Health Fund Board;
  • Appointed by the Oregon Health Policy Board to the Oregon Health Improvement Plan Committee;
  • Former Commissioner of the Rural Health Council of Oregon;
  • Former Commissioner of the Oregon's Women Commission;
  • Former Steering Committee member of Oregon's Rural Health Education Centers.

Prior to my elected official capacity:

  • I had a 30-year career as a Health Administrator working with Tribes (including serving as our Tribal Health Director for nearly 15 years);
  • I also served as the Executive Director of the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board;
  • Selected by the Potlatch Fund to receive the Fran James Cultural Preservation Award at the Honoring Awards Gala in 2009;

During my health career I was awarded:

  • Health Administrator of Year by the Department of Public Health, Indian Health Services;
  • Outstanding Leader in Health Care by the Oregon Department of Health;
  • Recognized for the contributions to elevating the health status of Indian people by the National Indian Health Board.

My interests are many. I love sports and have served as a coach for women/co-ed softball and coached girls/women's basketball. I make regalia and Native American jewelry as well as other beadwork. I’m a believer in art, and I love our culture and want it to be revitalized to the fullest extent.

I am college educated and encourage all who want to further their education to vigorously pursue that endeavor. I believe in dreaming big, developing new ideas and bringing the future to us. My dream for our Tribe is to have healthy, happy, strong members.