Committees & Special Event Boards

Tribal Committees and Boards act in an advisory capacity to the Tribal Council in recommending policies and procedures, identifying needs and developing priorities. Committees and Boards may also undertake any other duties and responsibilities as developed and approved by Tribal Council. Committees and Boards are regulated by the General Committee and Special Event Board Ordinance and other relevant provisions of Tribal Ordinances and policies


  • Ceremonial Hunting *Must Be A Ceremonial Hunter & Addl. Application 
  • Editorial
  • Election 
  • Gaming Commission 
  • Housing Grievance
  • Pow-wow Special Event 
  • Veterans Special Event
  • Youth Council


  • Culture Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Elders Committee
  • Enrollment Committee
  • Fish and Wildlife Committee
  • Health Committee 
  • TERO Commission
  • Timber Committee


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