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Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO)

Pursuant to the Tribes' inherent sovereign authority to self-governance, the Grand Ronde Tribal Council enacted The Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance (TERO), Resolution 192-13, on November 6, 2013The TERO Ordinance was passed to provide preference requirements in employment and contracting on or near the boundaries of the Grand Ronde Reservation. Tribal and Indian preference provides increased opportunity for jobs and other economic benefits that will contribute to the social and cultural prosperity of the Grand Ronde Tribe.

TERO Ordinance

Economic Opportunity

The ordinance establishes a TERO Program and Commission to implement its provisions and ensure compliance.

The Program’s goals are to:

  • Provide preference in employment and contracting
  • Provide workforce protection
  • Provide training and education to improve career and economic opportunities



Skills Bank Pool

TERO maintains a skills bank “hiring pool” to refer Tribal members and other American Indians for available work within its jurisdiction. Provides clients with skills assessments and conducts career counseling.

In addition, the program coordinates with other Tribal departments, as well as organizations outside of the Tribe, to identify resources that can be applied to provide clients with a variety of career preparation and career advancement training opportunities.



The TERO Commission is comprised of five appointed commissioners that serve to carry out the provisions of the Ordinance. The Commission conducts public hearings on matters covered in the Ordinance.


Indian Owned Businesses

TERO certifies and maintains a list of Grand Ronde Tribal member owned or Indian owned business (IOB). Certified IOB’s are given a preference that will be applied to Tribal contracting opportunities. Indian preference requires all contracts within the jurisdiction of TERO to include certified businesses in the solicitation and bidding process, when they are available. Indian preference in contracting includes contracts for construction services and contracts to supply materials, goods, or services.

List of Indian owned businesses

IOB Application

Skills Bank

Application for TERO Skills Bank.

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More information about upcoming TERO trainings.

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Business Development

Business Development Plans

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TERO's frequently asked questions.

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