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To create affordable rental housing options for families, sensitive to their unique and special needs, and accommodating a diverse mix of one, two, three, four and five bedroom apartments. The project is located within the Grand Ronde community, near the Tribal government and related services, allowing Tribal members currently living in the area, or wanting to return to their homeland, a quality place to live and call home.

The GRHD annually prepares a housing plan adopted by both the Housing Authority Board and Tribal Council based on information from a comprehensive Housing Needs Assessment performed every five years. This plan is submitted to HUD’s Office of Native American Programs. GRHD’s annual allocation from these Indian Housing Block Grants is approximately $3 million per year for the purpose of operating existing projects and developing new affordable housing communities and programs.

The Grand Ronde Housing Department (GRHD) was established by Tribal Ordinance on March 27, 1996 to develop and implement Tribal housing programs.

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Housing Programs


Grand Ronde Housing Department Programs

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Family Housing

Chxi Musam Illihi - This development is a planned rental community for Tribal members of all income levels.

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Elder Housing

Affordable rental housing that accommodate the needs of Elder Tribal members who wish to return to Grand Ronde.

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Grand Meadows

Members that wish to relocate to Grand Ronde may be able to move to our 36 lot manufactured home subdivision.

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Applications that need to be filled out for any Tribal Member seeking our services

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McPherson Road Home Ownership Development

The Grand Ronde Tribe is working to bring home ownership opportunities to the Grand Ronde Community. The Tribe has 20 individual residential lots within the Homeownership Development Complex on McPherson Road. These lots are available for enrolled Grand Ronde Tribal members to lease, and construct, single-family homes. The streets and infrastructure are currently under development and the lots will be ready for home construction in late 2021 or early 2022.

Homes are to be site-built, single family residences, and not of modular or prefabricated construction. Several base designs of varying size are to be provided for homeowner selection with customizable design packages enabling further variation across price and quality levels.

Lot and home selection, construction and financing are all to be coordinated by the selected Proposer based on the individual home goals, needs, design expectations and budget of potential homeowners. Once design and funding are secure the successful bidder and homeowner will enter into an agreement for the homeowner to finance the build.

To get more information about this development, please contact Housing Department Manager Shonn Leno at or 503-879-2397.


Home Ownership Development Civil Improvements

Work is progressing well on site, road sub-grade is complete, and the contractor is starting to install the sanitary sewer, once complete they will start on the storm sewer and water main. Anticipated completion date is still scheduled for Spring 2022. 


Home Ownership Development Home Building

Work has begun, the financial lender has started contacting members interested in the development.

A Starter Packet has been created and is available upon request, contact Ryan Webb at This Starter Packet contains all the information about the process for financing, design, permitting and construction. Once members have completed the pre-qualification process with the financial lender, the architect will start to setup design meetings.

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