Cultural Resources

Mission Statement

The mission of the Cultural Resources Department is to support a healthy community by facilitating dialogue, maintaining continuity, and providing protection of tribal lifeways for the benefit of future generations.

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The Historic Preservation Office encompasses the Archeology & Research, and Cultural Protection Programs.  Each program contributes to the identification, recording, and protection of the Tribe’s cultural resources.  The Office, through its staff reviews and comments, coordinates with federal and state agencies as outlined by Law and Tribal Ordinance on projects throughout the Tribe’s ceded and ancestral homelands.  By advocating for the tribe’s cultural resources (artifacts, materials, places, and practices) the Office maintains and demonstrates stewardship responsibilities linked to its sovereignty and maintains connection throughout its ceded lands.


The Cultural Education Program provides the tribal community a range of opportunities to learn cultural knowledge and deepen sense of identity, belonging, and connection to place. We offer cultural classes and events throughout the year that provide immersive experiences in an effort to transmit knowledge of cultural practices and heritage to our participants.


Chachalu tells the story of the Tribes and Bands of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon and honor our Elders who kept Tribal traditions and dreams alive during the years of Termination. It is a center where the Tribe’s Restoration is celebrated and our culture is being revitalized.