Mission Statement

Exercise CTGR sovereignty by identifying, acquiring, and managing Tribal lands and resources throughout the Tribe’s ceded lands and other areas of interest.


Tribal Lands provides important and essential services to the Tribe including 1) Land Acquisition and Disposal – Forestland, Commercial, Local, Conservation, Agricultural, Housing, and Development; 2) Federal Realty - This area includes the facilitation of fee-to-trust conversions and actions that require processing from the BIA; 3) Management of Tribal Lands – Includes easements, rights-of-ways, leases, required permits, licenses and cadastral surveys; 4) Special Projects - Portland Harbor project, Willamette Wildlife Mitigation Program (Conservation funded acquisitions), highest and best use analysis, and lands-related project evaluations; 5) General Realty Services to the Tribal Government. The department manages Tribal Lands data and serves as the staff point of contact for all federal/state/county realty offices and serves as an information resource to the Tribal Membership.

Lands Contact Information

9615 Grand Ronde Road
Grand Ronde, OR 97347

Phone: 503-879-2394

Monday - Friday
8am - 12pm, 1pm - 5pm

Contact Person
Jan Looking Wolf Reibach