Member Services

Per Capita Distribution

The Revenue Allocation Plan provides that Tribal Council, at its sole discretion, may authorize Per Capita payments in an equal amount to Tribal members on certain distribution dates. For legally competent members over the age of eighteen (18), any distributed funds are paid directly to the member.

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The membership of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde is built on the unique base of direct lineal descent of Grand Ronde tribal members. The burden of proof that applicants meet the enrollment requirements lies with the applicant.

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Timber Distribution

This program benefit is funded exclusively by income derived directly from the sale of timber on restricted tribal trust/reservation lands. Through this program, equal amounts of funds are deposited into eligible tribal member accounts on certain distribution dates as determined by our Tribal Council.

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Burial Fund

The Burial Fund is administrated by the Enrollment Office and will pay for funeral services for eligible individuals. The family may use the funeral home or mortuary of their choice and the Burial fund will pay the funeral establishment directly, up to $6,000. The family is responsible for any amount exceeding $6,000.

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Rabbi and Minors Custodial Trust Fund's

If you wish to change the investment option you previously recommended or if your minor was enrolled as a member of the Tribe after May 20, 2019, please complete the attached Investment Risk Assessment Recommendation Form to recommend that the funds be invested in one of the investment options.

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Other Services

  • Minor Tax Payments
  • Elders Pension
  • Elder SSI/SSD
  • Non Elder SSI/SSD
  • Veterans Disability
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