Down Payment Assistance

Tribal Housing

Address: 28450 Tyee Road Grand Ronde, OR 97347 | Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 12pm 1pm - 5pm

Phone: 503-879-2401 | Fax: 503-879-5973

This program provides down payment assistance to enrolled members of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde. Members must have an income of at least $24,000 to qualify. The down payment assistance grant is for the purchase of a single-family home in standard condition anywhere in the United States. The home must be the primary residence of the Tribal member receiving the down payment assistance.

The down payment assistance grant cannot exceed 20% of the purchase price and closing costs, to a maximum of $20,000. First time homebuyer applicants are required to complete a homebuyer education program to learn about homeownership responsibilities prior to receiving the grant.

Recipients are required to contribute a minimum of $1,000 towards earnest money, closing costs, down payment, or other purchase costs such as appraisals or inspections. Applicants may not have any unpaid debts owed to either the Grand Ronde Housing Department or the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde. Recipients are required to apply for down payment assistance before they make an offer on a home.

Tribal members who have previously received the DPA grant can fill out another application and receive the amount that is the difference between $20,000 and their previous grant (for example: you already received the down payment $10k grant previously, you would be eligible for another $10k to purchase a new home that is your primary residence).


Down Payment Assistance Grant Application

Grant Programs Policies & Procedures

Applications can be delivered in person, emailed to, or mailed to:

Grand Ronde Housing Department
28450 Tyee Road
Grand Ronde, OR 97347

Incomplete applications will be returned.

Questions can be emailed to:


Homeownership the American dream. But, how do I get started? What is an APR? What is an amortization schedule? What is 97% loan to value ratio? What is a debt to income ratio? These are just a few questions that many first time homebuyers ask when deciding to purchase a home. It is amazing to think that purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments many of will make in our life time and how little we know about the process. Homebuyer education is one tool that everyone should take advantage of to help them make a wise investment decision. There are many organizations that provide homebuyer education and other information related to owning a home.

Listed below are links to Fannie Mae's Homre Path and Freddie Mac's CreditSmart HomebuyerU tutorial w/Certificate:


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