Recent News, Media Coverage, and Annual Reporting


Celebrating the success of the Community Development Plan implementation is important to keep the momentum moving forward! Recent news, media coverage, and annual reporting can be found below. 



Recent News & Media Coverage:






Annual Reporting:

It is anticipated that the first year of annual reporting will be made available in January of 2023, until then, check out the links under “Recent News & Media Coverage” for recent plan activities.

Community Development Plan - 2023 Annual Report

General Council Presentation PowerPoint Slides (2/4/2024)

Upcoming Events

General Council Meeting | 2/4/2024 | 11am | Monarch Hotel - Clackamas, Oregon | ZOOM | CTGR Livestream

Supporting Documents and Resources

Resolution No. 339-21

Grand Ronde 2033 – Our Future, Community Development Plan Executive Summary - View Summary Here

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