Medication-Assisted Treatment Facilities

Medication-assisted treatment is one of the most effective forms of treatment for substance abuse because it combines behavioral therapy with carefully managed medications.  For the past year, the Tribe has been exploring ways to expand its current health services to include medication-assisted treatment options to tribal and non-tribal clients. The Tribe has acquired two different properties, one in Portland and one in Salem, so it can bring these services to fruition.

Those properties are located at:

3580 SE 82nd Ave., Portland, OR. and
1011 Commercial Street NE, Salem, OR.

The Tribe is in various stages of development for these programs. That includes collaborating with local, State and Federal agencies to ensure regulatory, licensure and accreditation standards are met; establishing professional relationships with supportive agencies in these communities to create a whole person approach; and employing qualified staff committed to a trauma informed approach to recovery.


MAT Portland C0820
3580 SE 82nd Avenue, Portland, OR
MAT Salem C0820
1011 Commercial Street NE, Salem, OR
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