Finance - Tribal Member Loan Program

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Tribal Member Loan Program

4/18/2024 Update:

At this time the Tribal Member Loan Program funds have been expended.  The application will reopen when funds become available.

Tribal Council approved the Tribal Member Loan Program for Tribal members to obtain a loan for personal reasons starting March 8th, 2021.  Loans will be issued in any amount up to $3,000.00.  Tribal members must complete and submit a loan application to the Finance Department.  The Finance Department will time and date stamp the applications upon submission and provide a copy to the applicant.  Loans will be processed on a first come first serve basis.  Loans are subject to available funding.

- Applicants will not be eligible for a new loan for six (6) months from final debt payment if previous loan went into official default.

- New loans cannot be open unless a current loan is paid off.

Tribal members are eligible if the member is over 18 years of age and doesn’t owe any outstanding debt to the tribe or tribal entity and is not under investigation of fraud involving the Tribe.  Upon the Finance Officer’s approval of the loan application, Finance will contact applicants to sign a Loan Agreement form.  The Loan Agreement form will establish the amount of the loan, interest rate, terms, fees (if applicable), delinquent account procedures, origination and maturity date of the loan.  If a loan application is denied for any reason the application will be returned to the applicant with a letter explaining the reason for denial.  Applicants may appeal a denied application to the Executive Team per the Tribal Member Loan Policy.

Loan checks will be mailed to the approved Tribal member once the Loan Agreement has been completed.  Loan payments are due to the Finance Department starting the month after the loan is received.  Payments may be made to the Finance department in the form of check, money order, or cash.  Early payoff of the loan is available.  An early payoff amount may be obtained by contacting the program representative.  There will be a $10 late fee for payments not received on or by the due date specified in the loan agreement.  

If a loan payment is not received for two consecutive months a notice of default will be sent to the Tribal member.  The Tribal member will have one month to bring the account current before the loan is considered in default.  Loans in default will be collected according to the Tribe’s Debt Collection Ordinance. 


  • Applicant must be an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde.
  • Applicant must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Applicant must not owe any debt to the Tribe or any Tribal entity.
  • Applicant must not be under investigation of fraud involving the Tribe.
  • Power of Attorney will NOT be accepted for the purposes of this program.
  • Only one loan is allowed per Tribal member.
  • Loans are processed on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Incomplete loan applications will be denied.
  • Upon submission of this application, CTGR Finance will provide a date and time stamped copy of the application to the applicant.