Fish and Wildlife

The Fish and Wildlife department examines the health of deer and elk herds on the Reservation, and provides better forage and habitat. The department also conducts surveys for Threatened and Endangered species that may occur on the Reservation and any other tribal trust properties.Always looking at ways to improve fish habitat and populations in Reservation streams.

Tribal Wildlife Management Plan


The mission of the Fish and Wildlife Program is to protect and enhance fish and wildlife resources for the Tribal membership. The program provides a Tribal voice for issues that may impact fish and wildlife resources or the health, rights and opportunities of the Tribal membership to utilize important natural resources. To actively pursue Tribal Sovereignty through leadership and increased management authorities on all Tribal lands.

The Department works on a variety of projects, ranging in scope from water quality monitoring to big game meadow creation. One of the more extensive ongoing projects includes capturing adult salmon and steelhead that are migrating up Agency Creek in the fall and winter and then trapping young out-migrating salmon and steelhead in the spring. We are also monitoring local deer populations by radio collaring and tracking their areas of use on the Reservation. In spring 2008, 2010, and 2011 we implanted Pacific lamprey at Willamette Falls with radio transmitters to track their movements throughout the Upper Willamette River basin.


Each summer, the Fish and Wildlife Department employs a summer youth crew to work on different projects on the Reservation and in the community. In addition to learning basic job skills and getting a chance to tackle a Challenge Course, these high school age youths have the opportunity to work on such projects as the historic Tillamook Trail and the Fort Yamhill State Park restoration, as well as camp out for a night or two to work at The Nature Conservancy’s Cascade Head and the Willamette River Water Trail.


Pacific lamprey is a culturally significant species to the Tribe and is also found in Agency Creek. For reasons unknown, they are in declining in abundance.

The Tribe is working collaboratively with Oregon State University and Cramer Fish Sciences to conduct behavior research on the species. It is a four-year study that began in 2008.


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