Recreation and Projects

The mission of the Recreation Program is to provide, create, organize and enhance recreational opportunities for the Tribal membership.

The Reservation provides a variety of recreational opportunities. Hiking trails are being developed along Yoncalla, Burton, and Coast Creeks. An educational day-use park and campground along Agency Creek have been established and are open to the public. Fishing is being enhanced by improving the habitat for native trout and steelhead. Big game such as deer and elk may be hunted by the public during the regular hunting season.


Big Buck a rustic campground quietly situated on Agency creek away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Big Buck currently has two (2) Recreational vehicle sites that are big enough for your RV; yet private. With nine (9) primitive tent sites secretly squirreled away only those given exact directions may find you. If you like rustic, old-fashioned, need to get away from the hustle and bustle, enjoy the wildlife and view the stars we welcome you. Reservations are highly encouraged.

The Big Buck Campground is the only approved camping area within the Grand Ronde reservation boundaries. The campground provides restrooms, and for your water needs a hand pump well is available at the north end of the campground, near site #9. Recreational camping permits are valid for a 10 day stay. These permits can be picked up at no charge at the Natural Resources Department (NRD). Residential camping is prohibited and will be considered trespassing. Dispersed camping is not allowed. Big Buck Campground is patrolled by Security and Law Enforcement.

Camping Permits are available at the NRD Monday thru Friday from 8am – 12pm and 1pm – 5pm; or you may contact the NRD at 503-879-2424 to inquire of permit availability. Visitors wishing to obtain a campground permit must provide information such as, name, address, vehicle plate, make and model number, Driver’s License number, Telephone number.

A Camping Permit is required within the campground.

Camping permits may be unavailable depending upon fire conditions


  • Camping is allowed in The Big Buck Campground Only.
  • Campsite may be occupied for 10 consecutive days. Campers wishing to stay more than 10 days must leave Big Buck for 7 days and then request another stay. No camper may exceed any 30 days in a rolling calendar year.
  • Registered camper will be held responsible for the campsite and any visitors.
  • Open fires are permitted in the provided campfire rings only. Never leave a campfire unattended.
  • Keep camping area clean at all times.
  • No trash or items are to be left behind. Clean up will be billed to last registered camper if left unkempt. A $150 fine will be issued to permittees that leave any solid waste or trash in their campsite upon leaving.
  • Vehicles may park in designated parking areas only. All vehicles must be listed on permit and may not block any access roads.
  • Registered recreation vehicle or accompanying vehicle must have current registration, license, or valid trip permit. All appropriate identifying licensure is to be displayed in plain view. A copy of the appropriate licensure will be required PRIOR to receiving permit.
  • A vehicle capable of towing the recreational vehicle orother camping structure (i.e. tent, tarp, etc.) must be available when campsite is occupied.
  • Quiet hours are from 10:00pm to 9:00am
  • Do not feed wildlife. It is a violation of the law to feed wildlife.
  • Reserved signs will be provided at your campsite upon arrival or will be provided to you with your permit. Please leave on the picnic table upon departure. In the event you will be away from your campsite please post at campsite entrance. This will inform other campers that this site is currently occupied.
  • Do not cut, chop or carveinto live trees.
  • No fireworks within the campground.
  • No firearms are to be discharged within 100 yards of Big Buck Campground.
  • Violations of the above policies could result in Trespass from Big Buck Campground for a time to be determined.


  • For the purpose of fire evacuation a person must always have the ability to remove all items and immediately vacate as soon as directed. Under no uncertain terms is a recreational vehicle to be left without the ability to be instantly moved upon notification.
  • Shovel, axe, and a fire extinguisher (rated 4-BC) will be required at each campsite
  • Depending upon the season severity, BIG BICK CAMPGROUND may be closed to all fires. Campers will be notified by NRD/Security/or the Tribal Patrol Officer
  • Open Flame, of any kind, may be prohibited. This would include smoking.
  • The campground may be closed to all camping.

As a common courtesy to your fellow camper please have all campsites vacated by 2:00 pm the day of departure. Thank you for visiting, we hope to see you soon.

Trails - Directions - Sites


The Natural Resources department now has an Annual Northwest Forest Pass available at no charge for enrolled Grand Ronde Tribal members. This pass is valid for one year from date of issue.

The Forest Pass is valid at day-use sites in Oregon and Washington operated by the US Forest Service and where “Recreation Pass Required” signs are posted. Some examples are:

  • Hebo Lake Picnic Site
  • Derek Road Trailhead
  • Quinault Rain Forest Trailhead
  • Tumalo Falls Trailhead
  • Lava River Cave Interpretive Site
  • Crane Prairie
  • Bagby Hot Springs Trailhead
  • Wickiup Plains Trailhead
  • Lake Serene Trailhead
  • Clear Lake Public boating site
  • W. Fork Humtulips Middle Trailhead

For a complete list of sites that require day-use passes, please visit:

The Forest Pass DOES NOT cover fees for:

  • Sno-Parks (Winter Season)
  • Some Concessionaire operated sites
  • Developed Campgrounds
  • Cabin rentals, Wilderness Climbing and River Permits
  • County Parks
  • State Parks

If you have any questions regarding this pass or other permits offered by the Natural Resources department please contact the Natural Resources department located at 47010 SW Hebo Road inGrand Ronde Oregon, or call 503-879-2424.