477 Employment and Training

The mission of the Social Services Division is to provide culturally-sensitive social services that promote family unity with an overall goal of attaining individual and family self-sufficiency and safety

477 Employment and Training is a “to work” program designed to help Tribal members toward their goal of achieving self-sufficiency. The 477 employment and training program supports a drug free work place. Eligibility for the 477 program is income based.

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You May Be Determined Eligible For Services If You:

  • Are a Grand Ronde Tribal Member
  • Live in the six county service area consisting of Polk, Yamhill, Marion, Multnomah, Tillamook, and Washington Counties.
  • Are actively looking for employment or engaged in full time training and or education
  • Have attempted to access alternate resources.
  • Have recently been employed (in the last 45 days)
  • Suffer from a temporary and/or chronic medical condition and are seeking Social Security

You may be determined eligible for services if you are:

  • Temporarily unemployed
  • Looking for employment
  • Medically unable to look for work on a short-term basis
  • A Full-Time Student


  • Complete a Social Services Intake application; circling the Employment & Training section of the application.
  • Submit to a drug screen to ensure you are ready to work.
  • Schedule an intake orientation appointment
  • Engage in an assessment


We understand that some individuals may need accommodations. We will assess the participant’s needs on a case by case basis. Our goal is to assist the individual and or family to attain self-sufficiency

2012-2013 Activity

The 477 Employment and training Program served over 296 members in 2012 in a variety of ways. Through implementing various degrees of positive reinforcement and accountability we are able to assist the individual is addressing, joblessness, physical and mental disabilities, substance abuse issues, education and technical training. The 477 program has in place degrees of accountability that, when used properly, can motivate individuals in utilizing various resources in order to become self sufficient.

The 477 Employment and training Program in conjunction with the Oregon Department of Transportation and Northwest College of Construction facilitated a five week course that provided training in Highway Construction fundamentals and Flagging certification.

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