Official Statement on Social Justice

06.17.2020 By:

Like you, we have watched protests calling for social justice take place across the Country. We are heartbroken by the untimely deaths of George Floyd, and the many others, who have lost their lives through the violence of racism. As a Tribe, we stand for equality and condemn the systematic racism and oppression facing so many. 

These recent events remind us that injustice, violence and dehumanizing policies can still be found in every corner of this Country. At times, confronting these injustices can seem too daunting of a task. But our ancestors who were targeted by the anti-Indian policies of the Federal Government guided us through our own struggles. They taught us that there is strength on the other side of this struggle. There is hope when we all stand together. We are all someone’s son or daughter. Many of us are mothers and fathers. But most importantly we are all human.  

To those still struggling under the systematic racism found in this country, please know that there is strength beyond this struggle. The Grand Ronde Tribe stands with you.