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K-5 Application *Currently Closed*

Chinuk Wawa Programs

Our program focus and goal is to provide Chinuk Wawa language immersion in order to create fluent speakers of one of our most recently used Grand Ronde languages, Chinuk Wawa. We strive to strengthen our students’ sense of pride and cultural identity through our language and daily hands-on experiences with our culture and place-based curriculum. Parents and families are strongly encouraged to be involved in our students’ language revitalization journey by committing to learning and using the language along with their student. The only way for the language to be revitalized in the community is for it to live outside of the classroom and in the homes of our people.

Beyond language immersion programs we also aim to create Chinuk Wawa learning opportunities throughout the community and membership. Our hope is to make Chinuk Wawa known, recognized and valued in order to save it from extinction. The more interest in this language that we can gather, the better chances we have of revitalizing Chinuk Wawa, creating fluent speakers and teachers and filling in a piece of who we are as Grand Ronde people.



Early Childhood Language Nest

Our Early Childhood Language Nest provides hands-on culture and place-based learning through immersion in the Chinuk Wawa language for 3-5 year olds. We are a year round early childhood education program running Monday-Friday from 7:30am-2:00pm with slots for 12 students. Our competitive enrollment process begins in March when applications are updated and made available for the upcoming school year. Notice of the enrollment period will be announced in the Smoke Signals paper, program Facebook page, word of mouth, flyers and tribal organization email. Selection is based on completion of enrollment steps and a scoring system. We do give preference to Grand Ronde tribal members & descendants but anyone can apply.



Chinuk Immersion Kindergarten - Sixth Grade

This program uses Chinuk Wawa and our own place and culture based curriculum to teach literacy skills and standards for students in kindergarten-sixth grade. Our classrooms operate from 7:30am-11:00am and are half-day classes. Our students are enrolled at the Faulconer-Chapman school, or Willamina Elementary School for the other half of the school day. Transportation is provided for this transition. We currently have 25 student slots and tribal preference is given in the event that there is a waiting list. Open enrollment for this program begins on the third Monday of May and runs through the summer until slots are full. Notice of the enrollment period will be announced in the Smoke Signals paper, program Facebook page, word of mouth, flyers and tribal organization email.



Middle/High School Classes at Willamina

For students enrolled at Willamina Middle (7th & 8th grade) or High School we offer a Chinuk Wawa elective class. Class is held onsite at the Willamina School on regular school days. High School students have the opportunity to earn credit for successful completion of this 2 year course through Lane Community College. This opportunity is currently only in place at Willamina Middle/School and is open to any enrolled student there.



More Language Opportunities, Resources and Information

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The Chinuk Wawa Education Program is under the umbrella of the Tribe’s Education Department which is overseen by Angela Fasana, Education Department Manager.

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