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Fall Favs: A Starbucks Stan Scholarship

Students at any education level are eligible to apply for this scholarship as long as they have a love for Starbucks’ fall-themed drinks.

Link: Fall Favs: A Starbucks Stan Scholarship | Bold.org

Deadline: 10/1/2023

Award Amount: $500

Law School Diversity Scholarship Program

Law School Diversity Scholarship Program is an annual award offered by Buckfire Law. The scholarship is open to students from racial or ethnic minority groups or demonstrating a defined commitment to issues of diversity.

Link: https://scholaroo.com/scholarship/law-school-diversity-scholarship-program/

Deadline: 10/1/2023

Award Amount: $2,000

Minecraft Forever Fan Scholarship

This scholarship celebrates Minecraft's unique ability to foster innovation, collaboration, and a profound connection with players across the globe.

Link: Minecraft Forever Fan Scholarship | Bold.org

Deadline: 10/25/2023

Award Amount: $500

Disney Channel Rewind Scholarship

All students from any education level who grew up watching Disney Channel are invited to apply!

Link: Disney Channel Rewind Scholarship | Bold.org

Deadline: 10/25/2023

Award Amount: $500

Anime Enthusiast Scholarship

Students from all educational backgrounds who've been moved, invigorated, or simply entertained by anime are encouraged to apply!

Link: https://bold.org/scholarships/anime-enthusiast-scholarship/

Deadline: 10/25/2023

Award Amount: $500

Godi Arts Scholarship

Any four-year undergraduate student who is studying the arts, whether music, dance, visual arts, theatre, etc., may apply for this scholarship.

Link: Godi Arts Scholarship | Bold.org

Deadline: 11/15/2023

Award Amount: $1,000

Wild Scholarship

As a community committed to lifting up all artists, Wild is thrilled to sponsor this scholarship that will support digital art students. High school juniors and seniors, undergraduates and graduate students may apply to this scholarship.

Link: Wild Scholarship | Bold.org

Deadline: 12/31/2023

Award Amount: $1,000