Emergency Management Services

Address: 28480 McPherson Rd. Grand Ronde, OR 97347 | Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm

Phone: 503-879-FIRE (3473) | Covid Support Line: 503-879-1711

Mission Statement:

To build strength and resiliency by enhancing sovereignty to be self-sufficient through preparedness, education, and effective response efforts, while supporting the CTGR mission with cultural respect, dignity, and purpose.


Administration - 

Fire Chief

Battalion Chiefs (4) 

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator 

Administrative Firefighter 

Station 25 - 28480 McPherson Rd. Grand Ronde, OR 97347 

Staffed 24/7 with 1 ambulance staffed with two members and 1 engine company staffed with 3 members

Station 8 – West Valley Fire District – 825 N Main St. Willamina, OR 97396

Staffed 24/7 by contract for West Valley Fire District with 1 ambulance staffed with two members and soon to be 1 engine company staffed with 2 members.

Services Provided:

Fire suppression and prevention, emergency medical services, community education and engagement, emergency preparedness activities, emergency planning and coordination, and volunteer programs.


Burning Notice - Open Burning Seasons:

Our fire district choose to follow regional burning regulations established by Oregon Department of Forestry and the Department of Environmental Quality. 

Backyard burning - Allocated for two seasons (Spring and Fall)

Spring burn season: March 1st to June 15th

Fall burn season: October 1st to December 15th

Exceptions: Burn season may be closed on any given day during the season, due to weather or air quality issues.  Individuals are required to check the appropriate burn line on a day-to-day basis.


Additional Resources: 

Yamhill County Burn Line: 503-472-3344

Online Burn Announcement Bulletin for Willamette Valley:  http://smkmgt.com/burn.php

Hazards of Backyard Burning: 

The Hidden Hazard of Backyard Burning.pdf