2022 Advisory Votes

The Tribe’s General Council Ordinance establishes a process for advisory votes. This survey is being conducted to gather advisory vote suggestions from our members. 


A) The Tribal Council will facilitate community meetings to seek input from the General Council on possible advisory vote topics. The community meetings will be held in Portland, Eugene, and Grand Ronde following scheduled General Council meetings.


B) Additionally, any General Council member may, at any time, submit a request in writing to Tribal Council to conduct an advisory vote. Any such request must include the proposed question( s) the member would like the General Council to answer. The question must be stated in such a way that it has a" yes" or" no" answer. 


C) In determining whether to proceed with the requested advisory vote, Tribal Council will evaluate the request using the following criteria: i) The number of Tribal members potentially affected; ii) The impact on Tribal financial resources, including the potential impact on the Tribe' s budget; iii) Consistency with the Tribe' s Constitution, Tribal and other applicable law; iv) Tribal traditions and culture; and v) Furtherance the Tribe' s goal of self-sufficiency.


Past examples include:

- Should the Tribe increase our investment in environmental stewardship?

- Should the Tribe consider building a walking path to the Casino from Grand Meadows?

- Should the Tribe evaluate establishing a childcare center in Grand Ronde?


Enrolled Grand Ronde Tribal Members are encouraged to participate in the online survey by visiting:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/K9GC2W3


Questions or comments can be emailed to stacia.martin@grandronde.org


2022 August Advisory Vote Explanations: 


I. Should the Tribe develop Tribal-owned housing for Tribal and non-Tribal employees of the casino and the Tribe, as well as those needing a first time apartment? A yes vote, would mean that Tribal staff would work on developing a survey to gather and assess information on the demand for workforce housing units in Grand Ronde. In the past, the Spirit Mountain Casino Chief Executive Officer and the Spirit Mountain Gaming, Inc. Board of Directors have identified the lack of workforce housing as a critical problem in recruiting and retaining needed employees. The information gathered from the survey would then be included in the Tribe’s housing master plan as its being developed.


II. Should the Tribe build a standalone library building in the Grand Ronde Community for Tribal members? A yes vote, would allow Tribal staff to move forward with scoping for this project. A project like this depending on the size and programming of the space could cost the Tribe a few million dollars. A standalone library would provide greater access to literature, technology and spaces aimed at supporting a healthy community, improving literacy, preserving culture, and supporting creativity.


III. Should the Tribe amend the Constitution to hold Tribal Council elections at a time of year other than in September (e.g., in November like state/federal elections)? A yes vote, would result in Tribal staff conducting additional research and working closely with Tribal members and Tribal Council to develop language for a proposed Constitutional amendment.  There are a number of studies published that show moving away from summer elections increases voter turnout and participation in election cycles.


IV. Should the Tribe create a webpage portal or app for Tribal member only-access for communication? A yes vote, would mean that Tribal staff would budget for the development of an app and webpage portal for Tribal member only access. The cost for this project could cost between $150,000 - $250,000 for the initial development.