International Women's Day

03.08.2019 By:

Today, on International Women's Day, we honor the many women who have had a lasting legacy on the Grand Ronde Tribe. Women whose legacy can be seen in their artwork, their basketry, their stories, and their community. The legacy of women like Martha Jane Sands (top photo) whose legacy is found in the craftsmanship, beauty, and detail of her baskets. The legacy of women like Mollala Kate (bottom photo) who shared the stories of her people so future generations could understand.



Martha Jane Sands was a famous basket weaver from the Grand Ronde Community. In this photo, she is surrounded by her family behind a number of baskets that she created.


Mollala Kate, daughter of Molalla Chief Yelkus, she was one of the last speakers of the Mollala language. speakers but worked with anthropologists to record the language and stories about canoes, camas digging, and other traditions.