Staying Safe & Healthy at Work

05.13.2020 By: Sara Thompson

Tribal Leaders and staff have been discussing the best ways to reopen the government in a safe and healthy manner. We’re happy to announce that we will be begin the reopening process of the Tribal Government (and Tribal Government only) on Monday, May 18th. The process will occur in three phases and include changes to Tribal Operations that are designed to protect staff and the public. These include:

Face Masks:
All employees and visitors will be required to wear a face mask while engaging with others. [Employees may remove their mask when they are alone in their office.]

  • Masks will be provided to any individual who does not have one.
  • Single use mask may be disposed of in the regular trash receptacle

Employees should wash their hands/ and or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer upon arrival to work, and frequently throughout the day.

  • Hand Sanitizer will be made available in lobby areas.
  • Restrooms are available in each building for guests and employees to wash their hands.

Social Distancing:
Please maintain a distance of 6 feet from others.

  • Reception/Waiting areas will be marked with distance indicators for our visitors when possible.

Protective Gloves:
Wearing of gloves is prohibited for both employees and visitors. [This does not apply to employees of the GRHWC Medical Clinic and/or positions where gloves are a required PPE.]

Temperature Monitoring-Single Point of Entry for All Buildings:
Employees and visitors will use a single designated entrance anytime they enter a CTGR building and will be checked for fever prior to entry. Individuals showing a temperature higher than 100.4 degrees will not be authorized to enter. [Patients seeking medical care at the GRHWC Medical Clinic will have a separate protocol]

We will not be accepting “Drop-ins”. Pre-scheduled appointments will be required for any visitors and/or clients to enter CTGR buildings.

Arriving by Appointment:
All buildings will be locked. When arriving for an appointment, guests will need to call and contact the person with whom they are scheduled to meet.

Reception/Waiting Areas:
In order to eliminate cross-contamination and minimize the spread of germs, all magazines and reading materials will be removed from waiting areas. Additionally, there will be no coffee and/or beverage service provided.

Restrooms-One Occupant at a Time:
Restrooms will be marked with signage indicating “one occupant at a time” to ensure proper social distancing.

Environmental Cleaning:
Each area in the building is cleaned frequently with a thorough cleaning in the evening hours. This includes restrooms, handrails, door knobs, computer kiosks, elevator buttons and lobby areas.

  • Personal work space and personal items are the responsibility of the employee to clean and disinfect.

Avoid in Person Meetings: unavoidable meetings should be short, in a large meeting room and protective facial coverings/masks should be worn.

The Tribe’s reopening plan also contains a number of triggers that will indicate when we can move to the next phase of reopening, whether or not Tribal Government needs to remain in phase one, or if the Tribal Government needs to return to a partial opening.