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Breanna Coleman Nursing Scholarship

Any high school senior who will be a first-generation college student pursuing a four-year degree in nursing may apply for this scholarship if they have volunteering and extracurricular involvement.

Link: Breanna Coleman Memorial Nursing Scholarship | Bold.org

Deadline: 1/24/2024

Award Amount: $5,000

Developing Future Generations of Women Leaders

High school female senior planning to enroll in a four-year undergraduate program for the upcoming 2024 fall semester. Demonstrates interest in a business or STEM academic track.

Link: Developing Future Generations of Women Leaders (kpmg.us)

Deadline: 2/1/2024

Award Amount: Varies

Scholars Helping Collars Scholarship

Scholarship is open to U.S. residents who are enrolled as full-time high school seniors. Applicant must submit 2-3 photos of their volunteer efforts to help animals in need and an essay that explains how their involvement has changed their lives or shaped their perception on the importance of animal welfare.

Link: https://www.petplay.com/scholarship/

Deadline: 2/26/2024

Award Amount: $1,500

Antonia Scholarship

Scholarship is open to graduating high school seniors in the United States who plan to enroll as a English or History major.

Link: https://www.willacather.org/discover/students/antonette-willa-skupa-turner-scholarship

Deadline: 2/28/2024

Award Amount: $1,000

Ford Family Foundation Scholarship

Our scholarship programs assist people in Oregon and Siskiyou County, California. We welcome learners from all walks of life — high school seniors, transfer students, adults and parents. We support those who face significant obstacles to obtaining a college degree.

Link: How to Apply | Scholarships | The Ford Family Foundation (tfff.org)

Deadline: 3/1/2024

Award Amount: Varies

Flip Foundation Scholarship

Graduating high school seniors planning to attend and students currently enrolled at any accredited trade school, community college or university can apply for this scholarship, which started in north Texas but is now available nationwide. 

Link: Trade School Scholarships And How To Get Them | SkillPointe

Deadline: 3/10/2024

Award Amount: Varies

Michael Mattera Jr. Memorial Scholarship

High school seniors are eligible to apply if they have overcome adversity in their lives and have continued to work hard and push through those difficult experiences.

Link: Michael Mattera Jr. Memorial Scholarship | Bold.org

Deadline: 3/31/2024

Award Amount: $1,000