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Supermom Scholarship

Applicant must be a single mother or the child or the loved of a single mother. Open to undergraduate and graduate level students.

Link: Supermom Scholarship | Bold.org

Deadline: 8/31/2022

Award Amount: $2,000



GoSkills Scholarship

Any female high-school or college student, who wants to start her own online business.

Link: Scholarship | GoSkills

Deadline: 9/15/2022

Award Amount: $2,000



Overcoming the Impact of Alcoholism and Addiction

Any undergraduate or graduate student who has at least a 3.0 GPA and has been affected by a parent’s addiction may apply for this scholarship.

Link: https://bold.org/scholarships/fighting-addiction-scholarship/

Deadline: 11/1/2022

Award Amount: $2,000



Trudgers Funds

This scholarship is for high school seniors and undergraduate students who have experienced their own struggles with alcohol and drug addiction and are seeking higher education to enhance their lives.

Link: Trudgers Fund

Deadline: 11/24/2022

Award Amount: $1,000



Single Parent Scholarships

The Custody X Change Giving Fund awards three scholarships to single parents each year for undergraduate study.

Link: Single Parent Scholarships - The Custody X Change Giving Fund

Deadline: Varies

Award Amount: $500 - $1,000