Youth Enrichment (hayu-munk skukum)

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who does our program serve?

- This program services in the local service area to native students (CTGR Tribal, Descendant, and other native students from a federally recognized tribe) that are currently in Kindergarten through 12th grade. There are some specific programs or events offered that only serve tribal members. For example: Student Youth Employment, scholarship and grant programs.



Who can benefit from these services provided?

- Native students (CTGR Tribal, Descendant, and other native students from a federally recognized tribe) locally.  Outside of the area, only CTGR Tribal Member students K-12



What is the youth enrichment (hayu-munk skukum) program? 

- Providing a safe, healthy learning environment that values young people and meets the diverse educational and enrichment needs of all youth and families with a caring staff of well-trained professionals that are supported by a broad base of resources. Through providing academic, leadership, and cultural opportunities we will help build Native youth into positive role models and leaders of our future 

- The Youth Enrichment (hayu-munk skukum) Program focuses on quality programming services on a consistent basis which would include; after-school programming, no school day and full summer programming as the main focus of work. There are many other activities, events and programs that the Enrichment operates but this is the main function. 



What are our operational hours?

- With the pandemic still happening, our program has been adapting and changing through each season of the year to offer programming to native students. Please contact the Youth Enrichment Program for up to date program hours and services at 503-879-2101 or 

School year: Projected After-School programming on site at CTGR will be 3:15pm to 5pm or our program will be virtual 

No-school days:  8am - 5pm

Summer Programming:

8:30am to 4pm (Two blocked sessions 8:30am-11:30am & 1pm to 4pm) 

- There are random days that we close other than tribal holiday closures for trainings and other but generally the program operates normally. Currently there are is no regular programming on weekends 




When does the school year begin or students expected to start participating?

- For the school year, it would be August 30th.



Where is the youth enrichment program held?

- Primarily onsite at the Youth Education Building. This would be the full facility and the K2 room. We often use the gymnasium and other buildings on campus as well. We have not been able to have field trips off campus this summer but hope to next summer and no school days. 



Where do application(s) need to be submitted or other documents?

- Full applications need to be submitted to the Youth Education Department building at 9615 Grand Ronde. Hard copies can be mailed-in or guardians can email them in to the Administrative services email. Email: