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Timber Distribution

This program benefit is funded exclusively by income derived directly from the sale of timber on restricted tribal trust/reservation lands.

Through this program, equal amounts of funds are deposited into eligible tribal member accounts on certain distribution dates as determined by our Tribal Council. The amount that has been deposited in each account is dependent on eligibility Once the funds are deposited, members over the age of 21 may access the funds at the members’ discretion.

The funds are not accessible by members under the age of 21, except in very limited circumstances and then only accessible to the member. The two exceptions for members 18-20 years old, are down payment on a home or higher education.

Member Benefits withdrawal forms must be turned into the Member Benefits Administrator by the 10th of the month for approval, in order to be mailed a payment between the 20th and the end of the month. If the 20th falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the payment will be mailed out the following business day. 


Tribal Member 21 years of age and older should have a current beneficiary form on record (this pertains to timber dollars only). Forms should be returned to Member Benefit Administrator.


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