Business Development

TERO | Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4:30pm

ONAC: The Oregon Native American Chamber (ONAC) is a community of professionals, advisors, organizations, entrepreneurs, and companies collectively working toward success in business and community. We provide information, networking opportunities and mentoring. Connect with our resources and other members as you drive your business toward success

NAYA: NAYA offers a wide array of comprehensive services and community-based solutions, including lifelong educational opportunities, cultural identity, leadership development and paths to financial security based on traditional tribal values. We are committed to eliminating poverty, hunger, family violence, and homelessness. NAYA actively seeks new ideas and embraces thoughtful risks. NAYA is led by a board of directors that reflects the Native community, and all strategic decisions made throughout the organization are youth centered, family driven and elder guided.

ONABEN: ONABEN is driven by its mission to advance the economic development of Native peoples and all communities of color by the establishment of culturally relevant products and services designed to encourage the growth of individual and community wealth building, through the creation of aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses; financial empowerment initiatives; organizational development and community asset building