TERO Indian Owned Business List


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TERO Certified Indian Owned Business (IOB) List

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Construction List


Advanced Native Construction 

Service Area: Oregon From: Jefferson OR

General Construction - All structures. New Construction & Remodel.

Owner: Steve Duane Mason 

Contact: 503-269-9666 | Ancsteve@Gmail.com


Agency Creek Contract Cutting LLC

Service Area: 100 miles From: Grand Ronde, OR

Commercial Hand Felling, Residential tree removal, Limbing, Stump grinding, Land and brush clearing, Thinning and pre-commercial thinning

Owners: Jeramy Trammell, Travis Trammell 

Contact: 971-267-6198 | 971-241-6249 | jeramytrammell@icloud.com



Service Area:

Management services, Environmental services 

Owner: Herbert Fricke

Contact: 503-253-5429 | Terry.hosaka@akana.us| www.Akana.us


All-Ways Excavating USA, LLC

Service Area: 100 miles From: Hubbard OR

Excavation, Site-work, Underground utilities, Bridge work 

Owner: Gregory Wing 

Contact: 503-982-3544 | Greg@allwaysx.com


Benti Lines LLC

Service Area: Please Contact

Trucking/hauling. Transportation of all types

Owner: Valeria Atanacio

Contact: 971-209-5406

Bishop & Sons Excavating, LLC

Service Area: Oregon From: Willamina OR

Demo buildings, Brush clearing, Brush mowing, Excavation, Logging, Pipe & Culvert install

Owner: Nicholas Bishop 

Contact: 971-267-0393 | Bishopandsonexcavating@gmail.com


Cates & Erb Inc.

Service Area: 150 miles From: Omak WA

General Contractor, Dirt Work, Road Construction, Site Work, Demolition, Stream Restoration

Owner: Robert Erb

Contact: 509-826-4752 | Catesanderb@ncidata.com


Cearley Construction LLC

Service Area: Oregon From: Turner OR

Construction, Excavation, Commercial Tenant Improvements, Residential Builder 

Owner: Jeremy Cearley 

Contact: 503-984-1147 | Jeremy@cearleyconstruction.com


CG Contractors LLC

Service Area: 50 miles From: Salem OR 

Pipe Work, Excavation, Concrete 

Owner: Charles D. Gleason Jr. 

Contact: 503-559-2203 | 503-559-1859 | Buddy@CGContractorsllc.com



Emhoolah Trucking

Service Area:

Dump Trucking, Belly Dump, Water Trucking, End Dump, Paving, Truck & Pup Dump Trucking, Certified Heavy Equipment Operator 

Owners: Mike Emhoolah, Mary Emhoolah 

Contact: 541-553-1910


Goldsmith Trucking LLC                           

Service Area: Please contact

For hire dump truck, aggregate hauling, sand, gravel, asphalt, spoilage etc...

Owner: Letitia Wilde 

Contact: 509-296-6366 | goldsmithtrucking2021@gmail.com



Hofenbredl Timber, LLC

Service Area:

Timber Harvesting, Logging, Timber Cutting, Log Hauling, Brush Piling, Road Building, Dump Truck, Excavator, Backhoe Services

Owner: Larry J. Hofenbredl 

Contact: 503-879-5000 | 503-580-4900 | Hof.Timber@yahoo.com



Hofenbredl Trucking LLC                                  

Service Area: Please Contact

All areas of log hauling

Owner: Leland Hofenbredl 

Contact: 503-551-7421 | leehof@live.com

Integrity Restoration LLC

Service Area: 100 Miles within Grand Ronde, OR

General Contracting Company – both residential/commercial construction and restoration services.

Construction: new construction, remodels, deck, framework and other aspects of carpentry work.

Restoration: specializes in providing support to victims of accidents, emergencies and disasters by helping them to restore their homes and businesses caused by water, fire, mold, Clandestine Drug Labs, or homes affected by the manufacturing or distributing of illicit drugs as well as other cleanup and restoration services

Owner: Justin Murphy

Contact: (971) 354-6950 | justin@integrityrestoreservices.com


Interstate Electric

Service Area: 100 miles From: Salem OR

Residential & Commercial Electrical 

Owner: Jeremy Haller 

Contact: 503-393-2233 | 503-910-0853 | Hallerinterstate@gmail.com


K&B Excavating LLC

Service Area:

Construction, Pipe Installation, Road & Driveway Repair, Home & Residential Work, Demolition 

Owner: Kevin Rariden

Contact: 541-602-9166 | Wewildigitforyou@yahoo.com| Kevinrariden@yahoo.com


Kent Thomas Construction

Service Area:  Oregon, Washington California

General & Commercial Contractor

Owner: Kent Thomas

Contact: 760-216-3700 | thomas5250@icloud.com


Kevin Hofenbredl Trucking

Service Area:

Long Log & Pole Hauling, Short Log Hauling, Excavator, Brush Cutting

Owner: Kevin Hofenbredl

Contact: 503-931-5934 | Khofenbredltrucking@gmail.com


Knight’s Gutter and Roofing Cleaning LLC

Service Area: Please Contact

All aspects of roofing cleaning, gutter cleaning and clearing.

Owner: Gabriel Knight

Contact: (971) 281-4631


K N L Industries                                                         

Service Area: Up to Centralia Washington and All of Oregon

Asphalt paving, asphalt maintenance, cold planning, grading, excavation, striping, sealcoating and crack sealing.

Owner: Lillian Callaway, Keith Callaway Jr.

Contact: 503-266-1130


L Wilson Construction, LLC

Service Area:

All Phases Construction 

Owner: Keith Lee Wilson 

Contact: 971-237-3704 | Itsmemole85@aol.com


LeClair Painting & Designs LLC

Service Area: 50 miles From: Salem OR

Painting, Janitorial, Small Construction Jobs

Owners: Scott LeClair, Patricia LeClair 

Contact: 503-851-2756 | 503-851-2999 | Scottie_97301@yahoo.com


Marc Anderson, P.E.

Service Area: 48 states From: Tualatin OR

Water Resources & Environmental Engineering Consulting Services, Water Right Qualification, Final Proofs, Transfers, Mapping, Permitting

Owner: Marc Anderson 

Contact: 503-482-5300 | Marcbowlegs@gmail.com


Minahan Cutting, Inc. 

Service Area: 

Contract Timber Felling, Logging, Forestry Based Construction 

Owner: Trinity Minahan 

Contact: 503-949-1506 | Minahancutting@hotmail.com


MMP Piping Inc. - Industrial Construction 

Service Area:

Piping, Plumbing, Industrial & Commercial Jobs 

Owners: Doug Parazoo, Robert Parazoo 

Contact: 503-394-3067 | 503-932-9670 | piping@smt-net.com


Momentum Procurement Group 

Service Area:

Office-Hotel-Casino-Restaurant-Gaming Furniture, Office Supplies, Xerox Copiers 

Owner: Janie Elizabeth Millican

Contact: 503-597-2007 | Jmillican@mpg-us.com


Nativewest Corp.

Service Area: Oregon From: Tualatin OR

NativeWest (NWC) is a Project Resource company that advocates for the performance and quality on construction and fabrication projects.  NWC utilizes broad-based industry knowledge, which includes project management and project control principles, to provide the construction industry with experienced technical and information resources.  NWC provides costing, technical, and management solutions directly to the stakeholder, architect, engineer, fabricator, and contractor, emphasizing the performance of the design, constructability, and quality, throughout all project phases.   Native American owned and COBID Certified DBE/MBE/ESB.

Owner: Bradley Senner

Contact: 503-706-9593 | Bsenner@nativewest.biz


Osage Electrical Contractors, Inc. 

Service Area: Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington

Electrical Contractor, Data, Surveillance, Access Control, Specializing in Casino Environment

Owner: Matt Hicks

Contact: 580-761-8161 | mhicks@osageelectric.com


Pittman Plumbing & Heating LLC 

Service Area:

Plumbing and Heating

Owner: Joshua Pittman 

Contact: 503-910-1360 | Josh@Pittmanplumbing.com


Redwing Electric LLC

Service Area: Please Contact

All forms of electrical services. Commercial and residential.

Owner: Rod Redwing

Contact: 503-602-4819


Risseeuw's Excavation and Septic LLC

Service Area: 100 miles From: Willamina OR

General Construction, General Excavation, Septic Installation and Repair, Site Development, All Underground Utility Installation and Repair, Brush Clearing, Road Repair, Road Building, Road Clearing & Land Clearing. Dump Trucking, Gravel Delivery, Driveway Building, Dirt Hauling. 

Owners: Kelsey Risseeuw, Darren Risseeuw

Contact: 971-237-7790 | darren@risseeeuwexc.com


R&D Construction Company & Daughter, LLC

Service Area:

Site Development, Earthwork, Site Preparation, Water & Sewer, New Road Building, & Repair, Trucking, Heavy & Civil Engineering

Owner: Dana Patawa Minthorn

Contact: 541-429-2117 | dpm987@hotmail.com



R&J Painting

Service Area: 75 miles From: Grand Ronde OR

Interior & Exterior Painting 

Owner: Robert Haller 

Contact: 503-302-9833 | Randjpaintingllc@yahoo.com


RJR Construction, Inc. 

Service Area:

General Contractor Residential & Commercial 

Owner: Russell Wilkinson 

Contact: 503-661-4685 | Russell@Rjrconstructioninc.com


RJS Construction, Inc. 

Service Area:

General Contractor, General & Design Build Construction 

Owner: Shannon Sevigny 

Contact: 509-452-0857 | Shannon@Rjsconst.com

Silver Bear Construction LLC                             

Service Area: Please contact

General contractor, home repair, fence building or repair, decks, add-ons and more

Owner: Steven Fussell 

Contact: 971-218-0058 | SilverBearConstructionLLC@gmail.com


Soaring Bird Solutions, LLC

Service Area: 48 states From: Henderson NV

Professional HR & Organization Consulting Firm providing services primarily in Indian Country. 

Owner: Karla Bylund

Contact: 505-553-5138 | Soaringbirdsolutions@gmail.com


Square W, LLC

Service Area: 48 states From: Salem OR

Managed technology provider: Networks, Servers, Licensure, Cloud Infrastructure, Computer Management, VoIP Phone Systems, Custom Technology Infrastructure Solutions.

Owner: Joshua C. Wilson

Contact: 503-217-4244 | Email: Josh@Squarew.net | Website:  SquareW.net


Stan's Clearing Services, LLC

Service Area:

Field Mowing, Brush Clearing, Scotch Broom & Blackberry Removal, Road & Trail Brushing Backhoe & Tractor Work 

Owner: Stanford Kneeland

Contact: 503-302-8053 | Stankneeland1958@gmail.com


Stotts Construction Company

Service Area: Oregon From: Beaverton OR

General Contracting, Residential & Commercial, Roofing, Framing & Siding 

Owner: Darlene Stotts 

Contact: 503-318-5366 | Darlene@Stottsconstruction.net


Strong Horse Construction 

Service Area: 50 miles From: Grand Ronde OR

Remodels, Fencing, Roofing, Gazebos, Pole Buildings, Storage Building 

Owner: Jan Reibach 

Contact: 971-241-2903 | Stronghorseconstruction@hotmail.com


Thrasher Plumbing LLC                            

Service Area: Please Contact

Plumbing contractor specializing in commercial and residential plumbing for new construction and remodels.

Owner: Jeromy Thrasher 

Contact: 971-600-7779 | Thrasherplumbing@gmail.com


Underdog Timber Felling LLC

Service Area: All of Oregon

Underdog Timber Felling, LLC is a licensed and experienced tree service provider. Because we’ve been in business for over 2 years, you can trust that we’ve seen and done it all and that nothing surprises us where trees are concerned. We’re proud to offer our clients the best quality and value service and strive to deliver nothing less than stellar work every time.

Owner: Isaac Farias-Banda 

Contact: 541-841-1033 | Underdogtimberfelling@gmail.com


Wenaha Group, Inc. 

Service Area: Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington

Construction Project Management, General Contracting for Civil Projects

Owner: Robert Quaempts 

Contact: 253-433-3995 | info@wenahagroup.com| Karim@wenahagroup.com

White Shield, Inc. 

Service Area: Washington, Oregon, Idaho

Land Surveying, Mapping & Environmental Services, Geomatics 

Owner: Stuart Fricke 

Contact: 509-547-0100 | www.Whiteshield.com| sfricke@whiteshieldinc.com


Wolf Pack Plumbing LLC

Service Area: Please Contact

All types of plumbing including service plumbing, new construction, remodel, residential and commercial.

Owner: Joseph Suderman

Contact: 503-878-2524

Non-Construction List 


Ampkwa Images

Service Area: Please Contact

All areas of photography/videography

Owner: Amanda Freeman

Contact: (503) 437-7025


Beartracks NDN

Service Area: via Internet From: Grand Ronde OR

Traditional art & Clothing

Owner: Bobby Mercier

Contact: 503-474-7094 | tutuchwinnas44@gmail.com


Cinnamon Fox Creations

Service Area: Call for ordering From: Grand Ronde OR

Native American Crafts & Mixed Media Art Hand Drums, Beadwork, Regalia, Leather Purses, Medicine Bags, Deer Leg Bags. Glass, Acrylic on canvas, Mosiac

Owner: Camille Mercier

Contact: 503-474-7837 | xchancex@aol.com | SMC Gift Shop 


DSC Native Creations 

Service Area: Call for ordering From: McMinnville OR

Handcrafted items, Ceramic, Wood burning, Turning pens. 

Owner: David Clark 

Contact: 541-921-3100 | dlclark1474@gmail.com | SMC Gift Shop 


Ghost Trance Designs LLC

Service Area:

Heat press services, Sublimation printing, labeling (Business cards, Metal signs/cards, Construction signs), 4K Image transferring for interior or exterior, Art and photo panels, Personal protective equipment and High Visibility clothing and printing, Tribal art projects, Media services, funeral blankets, shirts, hoodies, flags etc.

Owner: Jose Cazarez

Contact: 971-813-3067 | ghosttrancedesigns@gmail.com 


Indigenous Arts Tattoo LLC

Service Area: Please Contact

Indigenous Tattooing

Owner: Marianne Blanchard

Contact: 503-837-1777


Indigenous Unity Our Tool LLC

Service Area: Please Contact

Providing indigenous arts in many forms while also focusing on traditional healing through indigenous practices and traditions as well as various cultural games. We offer numerous trainings and workshops that encompass healing from generational trauma and getting back to utilizing our indigenous mindset.

Owner: Fabian Quenelle

Contact: 971-288-2974


Kara Bombs LLC

Service Area: Please Contact

Bath Bombs with prizes inside. Hand-stirred, hand pressed and hand painted. Fun shapes, seasonal shapes with special prizes inside.

Owner: Candice Chalmers

Contact: karabombs.com

Kalapuya Weaving and Consulting LLC

Service Area: Please Contact

Traditional basketry of Western Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, cultural museum collections management, cultural education and interpretation, traditional lifeways, and weaving workshops.

Owner: Stephanie Craig

Contact: kalapuyaweaving.com



Service Area:

Non-Illuminated Signage, Digital Message Centers, Electrical Signage (Neon) 

Owner: Billy Bobb

Contact: 503-801-4821

Northern Signals Inc.

Service Area: Call for ordering

Apparel and promotional items supplier. We embroider and screen print apparel as well as many other items.

Owner: Christopher Wilkie 

Contact: 503-910-1925 | info@northernsignalsinc.com


Rez Kid Vending

Service Area: Please Contact

Vending Machines, snacks and drinks.

Owner: Izaiah Fisher

Contact: 503-383-4253

Rock House Art

Service Area:

Handmade Arts & Crafts (Commissions are welcome with your favorite colors)

Owner: Shawn Geers

Contact: 503-349-0050 | Pcrockhouseart@gmail.com


Sweet Rain Creations, LLC

Service Area:

Design & Sell Native American Jewelry.

Owner: Reina Nelson 

Contact: 971-900-3511 | reina@sweetraincreations.com


TBY Aesthetic

Service Area: Please contact

Photography, esthetician product manufacturing as well as product selling.

Owner: Helen Tonso

Contact: 541-735-1551

Tidal Creative Marketing

Service Area: Everywhere

Provides marketing services such as website design, graphic design, logo design, brand development, branding photography, commercial videography, social media management and more.

Owner: Gabrielle Colton

Contact: 541-304-2394


Service Area:

Glass artist, mainly fused glass but do work in other glass methods from time to time

Owner: Terry Thomas 

Contact: 734-643-8908 | info@tlt-art.com

Wild Blackberry Moccs LLC

Service Area: Please Contact

Creates goods made from leather and Pendleton wool such as purses, pouches, moccasins, journals as well as refurbish church pews or furniture and embellish denim jackets or other items with Pendleton wool.

Owner: Kayla Gottfried

Contact: 541-510-7667

4 Pillars Consulting

Service Area: Please Contact

Early head start and head start consulting. Teacher education, environment development, curriculum development, parent/family involvement. 

Owner: Ashlee Webb

Contact: (503) 437-4452 | 4pillarsconsultant@gmail.com