Tribal Communications Survey Overview

01.09.2023 By: CTGR government, Announcement

Tribal Communications Survey Overview


In 2022, the Tribe conducted a communications survey to explore how information is getting to Tribal Members and the Community. We’re happy to share with you the results of that survey.

The survey was conducted in the first part of the year and consisted of ten questions that were designed to explore how individuals receive information and what type of information they are interested in.  The survey found that a significant number of individuals prefer to receive their information electronically (social media, website, etc.) as opposed to hard copy (direct mail, Wawa, etc.). These results are consistent with research out of the Pew Research Center which recently found that more people (82%) are getting their news through electronics more than any other outlets (33% TV; 7% Radio; 5% Print).

Through the Tribe’s communications survey we learned that individuals largely believe that the Tribe is effective in getting information out to Tribal Members. The survey indicates that most individuals (73.5%) believe the Tribe’s current communications strategy is effective or somewhat effective and that 67% of those surveyed said they can find the information they need while 6.62% stated that they rarely find the information they need.

The Tribe took the information from this survey and developed an advisory vote question for consideration by the members. That advisory vote asked members whether or not the Tribe should create a webpage portal or app for Tribal member only access for communications. The idea was supported and 66.4% of Tribal Members who voted in last year’s election voted in support of the advisory vote. So, we are happy to share that over the next year, the Tribe will be exploring a mobile application to communicate with members. We look forward to continuing our work with the membership and appreciate you participating in this important survey. To view the complete survey results click here.